Top 10 Problems With Super Mario Bros 2 (3ds)

A list of the Top 10 problems with Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)

The Top Ten

1 Rescuing Princess Peach
2 Forgetting to Save

If you don't save, you have to start from your last save point. - BadBoiDrummer

3 The Enemies Are So Easy to Kill

You really don't have to kill any enemies. All you can do is jump over them. You can kill them if you want. - BadBoiDrummer

4 It Takes Coins to Unlock the Mushroom Houses

You will come across this often in the game. You can unlock the mushroom houses to get any special abilities. - BadBoiDrummer

5 The Game is Animated

I wouldn't call this a problem in any way. - BadBoiDrummer

6 You Start Back at the Beginning of the World

Lets say that you were in world 5-4 right? When you die and loose all of your lives, it puts you back to the beginning of the world. 5-1 - BadBoiDrummer

7 The White Tanooki Suit is Overkill

What if I don't want the white tanooki suit. I rather just complete the stage without it. - BadBoiDrummer

8 You Will Die Often

This happens in something like the lava stage where you overshoot your jumps. - BadBoiDrummer

9 The Boss Battles Are Extremely Easy

It's mainly due to the fact that some of the boss battles aren't really that challenging. - BadBoiDrummer

Out of all the NSMB series, this has the most measly excuses for bosses. - KingFab

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