Top Ten Problems with TheTopTens' Community in 2018

This site is a hilarious mess right now. Literally everywhere on the site is getting drained and infected by low quality content, irrational users and rustled crybabies. Thanks, Gen-18.

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1 Easily "Rustled" Users

People still fall for that Henry danger guy. - B1ueNew

Only entitled people who can't fend for themselves care about rustling - Nonpointed

Internet is facing a downfall. - TriggerTrashKid

So that is why people have done the mass account deletion? - MrCoolC

2 More Users Deleting Their Accounts

And we all know why - darthvadern

They just won't stop. - B1ueNew

Another one bites the dust! - MrCoolC

Yep this is a big problem why suddenly I feel like I'm watching the Infinity War movie on this site alone in 2018 why is it on the rise stop please! - htoutlaws2012

3 Poor Trolls Becoming Way Too Prominent

Some trolls are funny. SOME. - Yoshiandaglover

Don't feed the hungry trolls. - TriggerTrashKid

Because people keep feeding them - darthvadern

And they do a poor job as well. - MrCoolC

4 Mob Mentality/Bandwagoning

The worst group that does this are the rustlers, they jump on a hate bandwagon on many undeserving users and a like bandwagon on things no - Nonpointed

*looking at rustlers* - TriggerTrashKid

Too much fortnite haters. - B1ueNew

Bandwagoning is been in the site for a while. - MrCoolC

5 Lack of Leadership

Sorry but I think admin is doing just fine - Nonpointed

Strict dictators. - B1ueNew

Horrible Admin

There is only admin, he most qualified - iliekpiez

6 Lack of Variety

A lot of users are the same

Regular bandwagoning Thetoptens user starter pack
-Is a Nintendo fan
-Treats Justin Bieber like if he is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Osama bin laden, etc
-Likes metal music
-Hates anything popular like fortnite - B1ueNew

Everyone is the same. They hate Justin Bieber and treat him like the spawn of satan, they are a metal-head, they are a weeaboo or a memester! We really need more unique users with a variety of interests and actually be themselves. - Tiffanythewallaby

Every user is the same. All the featured posts are reviews by the same few people. All users are either a really big metalhead or a really big cartoon fan. I can't tell you people apart. - Puga

Cartoons are childish and some people here need to grow up. And I'm a metal fan but I'm not an elitist.

7 Good Users Retiring

@the person that asked for me to come back, sorry I can't. I am not allowed to have an account anymore.

Lucretia, come back, please.

That and some Gen 18 users just give up easily. - MrCoolC

Zxm and BrianScott01... Please come back. - Britgirl

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8 Stat Padding is Still as Large as Ever

List ideas are hard, I get it. But no one wants to read a list about top 10 metal musicians born in November who find mint chocolate chip ice cream overrated. There is one very big offender on this site who we are all aware of and despite his beliefs, is very uncreative. Admin kinda tried to stop this but it really didn't work. - Puga

This is why I usually do remixes (which I should get back to at some point) rather than make lists. That and it's a lot more fun for me than to make a list more specific than a 17.5 speed limit. - nerffan8000

I actually agree with this, not calling anyone out in particular but do you really think that your list about things beginning with a certain letter will be a very memorable list? - Phillip873

Letter lists are the worst!

This can be renamed 'Overexploitation of the television, music and movies category' Literally 90% of all lists are in those 3 categories. Like I get it, but you can't keep on exploiting the Music category. There are 14 others. Make lists in the 'world' category or the 'miscellaneous' category or something else. Still, content done with the intention of stat padding is what makes it to the front page. This is one of the biggest problems on here and has caused the site to become dull. - styLIShT

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9 Lack of Humour

I need a laugh - BreakFastBeast2005

It's not TheTopVines, It's Thetoptens. - B1ueNew

I am not a humourous person, but I can take an offensive joke and I really wished there were more users who actually had a sense of humour, instead of being mature and nice and sensible users all the time. - Tiffanythewallaby

There is a lack of Hugh Murr because he deleted his account. - Britgirl

10 People Who Cannot Respect Opinions

This site in a nutshell. - Userguy44

I agree. I am sick of this site. When I said I was a communist, every one overreacted. I wouldn't have even started trolling if everyone didn't overreact so much over me stating my opinion, which is why I will never go on this site again, goodbye users I am friends with but I just can't take this. - Lucretia

Rarely has happened to me in the last 4 or 5 months I have been on the site. - B1ueNew

Yeah, say that you like Gen-18 and you'll appearently be a "low-intellect" being. It's ridicoulus - darthvadern


The Contenders

11 Lack of Good Users

Yeah I am the worst out of all of them. - TheInsomniac

Yeah, I said it. It's no secret this gen is currently lacking compared to generations past in terms of good users. I can name exactly 4 users from Gen 18 that I would consider above average. - Puga

What? The nicest users I have ever met are Gen 18, and they have much better content than older users in my opinion.

Let's face it. This year is so far better than 2017 regarding TheTopTens. I must say, compared to 2017, 2018 users are better. - styLIShT

Gen 17 gave us some of the best users ever, gen 18 has done no such thing - Puga

12 Boring

Depends on what you consider to be "boring" - darthvadern

People being 2 boring is getting out of hand. u guys need 2 realize that surprising things always happen so STOP BEING BORING AND UNSURPRISED - Nonpointed

I agree

My existence as a user in a nutshell. I’m pretty boring as I’m like everyone else on this site - KingSlayer93316

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13 Trolls

Also troll feeders - darthvadern

Like one I could name. - Camaro6

14 Dimash Kudaibergen Spam Voting

I get it, Dimash is a great singer, but I don't need to see him with at least 500 comments holding the number one spot on every damn list. - Not_A_Weeaboo

This is annoying!

15 No Respect for Newer Users

I don’t really look for respect or popularity. I just look to have fun on the site - KingSlayer93316

Like, me. - TriggerTrashKid

Exactly! Show me some respect!

I kind of agree with this one...

16 Users Creating False Life Stories in Posts

Not me. - TriggerTrashKid

Loot llamas will be real I’m a witness - CadenwithaC

When I’m going to make life stories, it won’t be fake. - MrCoolC


17 Political Flame Wars

This site is more 80% lib agenda. - B1ueNew

Yeah it's kind of been like, Obama and Hillary supporters vs. Trump supporters for a while - TheInsomniac

Yes, SJWs are as annoying as ever. No, we don't need to keep feeding them anymore by being as politically incorrect as possible. I mean, no one wants to see this site become Stormfront. - Swellow

I hate sjws

18 Users Not Having Good Reputations

More like good users ruining their reps with bad obsessions and thinking they're always in the right even when they are being beaten easily in arguments. And I'm not he above so stop putting words in my mouth, and especially don't joke about pedophilia - Nonpointed

I am underrated. - TriggerTrashKid

Well they need to earn a good reputation - CadenwithaC

Their fault they ruined it. - PeeledBanana

19 Getting Mad at People for Hating Kirito

Who - CadenwithaC

What is that?

Okay that's not my problem. I like Kirito but nope not my problem.

This needs to improve big time - TwilightKitsune

20 The Amount of Fortnite Hate

More like something in 2019. - Userguy44

It's an amazing game with a bad community. Hate on other terrible games like Infinite Warfare of Fallout 76. - B1ueNew

21 Certain users getting largely ignored

Like me. - KalloFox34

22 Everyone is Becoming Anti Rustler
23 Blind Hate for Cuphead, Grand Chase, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Fortnite
24 Nostalgiatards Throwing Temper Tantrums Over Cuphead, and Bendy and the Ink Machine
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1. Lack of Leadership
2. More Users Deleting Their Accounts
3. Poor Trolls Becoming Way Too Prominent
1. Easily "Rustled" Users
2. More Users Deleting Their Accounts
3. Dimash Kudaibergen Spam Voting
1. Easily "Rustled" Users
2. Mob Mentality/Bandwagoning
3. Lack of Humour

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