What The Hell Is Happening?

Warning : This goes out to all gen-18 users, Therandom, Puga, DCfnaf, ReltihFloda, and a couple of other users. I know I won’t solve any s**t with this post and this won’t change opinions, but I just want to point out my view, like it or not. There will be a lot of criticism so please don’t get offended. And go ahead, attack me, but I am trying to speak the truth here for all this mess. I hope you don’t hate me for this, but this will be harsh criticism, so if you can’t handle that, then don’t read this post.

My argument : I am on neither side because both sides have their pros and cons. I thought TheTopTens was about having fun and making friends, not bullying and trying to make one superior, even though it will be everywhere. I came here just to chat with people, make friends, make comedy or other kinds of posts, comment, and make lists of my kind. Users hating each other has always been a thing sadly though, anyone remember the Pop Vs. Metal war? I was on neither side as well. Why? Because what’s the point? But it’s getting worse to the point others are making themselves be superior.

This goes out to gen-18 users(this dos not apply to all of you) : Don’t retire, you can become great users with your sense of humor or talent in making lists. Be less sensitive and stay strong, don’t let criticism knock you down. Learn how to admit some mistakes and move on. Maybe learn to take some jokes once in a while. Don’t try to make yourselves seem superior. Don’t be serious all the time, remember, we only live once. Being hypersensitive about this won’t solve anything, standing up and accepting criticism will help, as well as fighting for reasoning will help somehow. Plus, being hypersensitive will make you look weak, you need look strong so people can take you seriously and not mess with you. Puga, Therandom, DCfnaf, and ReltihFloda have a point when it comes to taking strict criticism.

This goes out to DCfnaf, Therandom, Puga, and ReltihFloda : You have good points on handling criticism and you trying to make the site humorous(I admit I am a humorous being too). But some of us do not know when we are being played on or if they are actually serious, so don’t expect us to take everything as a joke. I don’t know when it’s a joke or not in some cases, that’s why I sometimes may take it seriously, but I am not sensitive, and I can take jokes and criticism. Some users might have the same thing too. So don’t expect users to know when people are trolling all the time, please consider that a bit more. Even though there are some hypersensitive people here that cannot take anything at all, please don’t try to make yourselves seem superior, that’s rude. Criticism is fine, but putting down others is messed up and not the way of solving things. Try talking to them instead, while still being humorous. You have a good cause, but are approaching it in the wrong way, learn to admit you can sometimes be wrong, don’t always think you are right.

Conclusion : The key to life is balance, it’s the key to succeeding in life. Yes, it’s hard to balance things out sometimes, and I admit I have a hard time balancing too, but if we do it, everything will be good. What we need in this site is balance. Don’t be a sensitive user that cannot take anything, but don’t be a person who puts down others either. Everyone would get along better if things were like that. Let’s face it, there will always be people we won’t get along with, but at least try to be friendly with people as much as you can if it can work. This post is not 100% percent right and there probably is many things wrong with this post, but this is a opinion post. I make mistakes too, none of us are perfect. Again, what I said up there about both sides may not all apply to you or maybe not even be like you at all, it’s just my view. I hope you enjoy! Peace!


This was a decent post and all, but how am I making myself look superior? I recognize I'm not always right and admitted in my list that there were items I could've worded better. - visitor

"Criticism is fine, but putting down others is messed up and not the way of solving things." - Here's the thing though: Nobody is putting anyone down. The Gen-18 users are just reacting poorly to us. - DCfnaf

Seriosuly, let's just call a truce and end this, okay? - 445956

yepyep - Puga

Gen 18 should stop overreacting to criticism. They brought this upon themselves - Therandom

-funny, on the Pop vs. Metal war I was on BOTH sides at the same time. -i remember that. -this time, I side with puga for obvious reasons. - Nonpointed

Fact: Puga and Therandom are not in the wrong - TwilightKitsune

I have no clue whats going on on TTT - Batmaniscole

Why does this site even need these conflicts? This is such a niche part of the internet, might as well keep it friendly, no? - Sop

Um hello Anime drawer. I am championcolette's 2nd account and this time I am going to improve as a user and this time, if someone has a negative opinion on me, I will try to accept that and stop being so negative on my self. :) Anyways this is a good post and it could help me improve as a user so thanks a lot. - visitor

It’s nice to see posts like this considering the fact that there are issues and wars on this website. No one likes to have problems, no one wants to get bullied/trolled, so let’s all try to do our own thing. We need to also be friendly, supportive, and respectful of others and their opinions. This is something we ALL need to work on, including me because no one’s perfect. - visitor

Anyways what's going on this website? Why is everyone retiring? I miss eventer :(
Anyways I am on either sides. I don't mind criticism anymore that much, but still if it's being a total jerk for having opinions and autism, than I don't accept it. I maybe gen-18, but to be honest with you, I miss the old toptens.com. but I can try to cope with it - visitor

This is another reason why I decided to be a mainly-solo music reviewer - StarlightSpanks