Top 10 Problems With TheTopTens

This site isn't perfect. I've noticed some problems as have many other users. Here's some of those problems that we hope will be sorted out... Please?

Don't think of this list as "bashing", think of it as ways to improve this site.

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1 Having to vote for something to comment on it

I do this all the time... Very unfortunately... - keycha1n

Wow, after quite a few votes on people's comments, this website won't allow me any further "thumbs up or thumbs down" votes on anything AND the website won't allow me to comment. I'm a new member and I have to say that this is a major turn-off. Does anyone else experience the same issue? - keyboardking

Yeah, I had to do this a couple times, it's annoying. - PeeledBanana


That's right. we have to either vote a material and then tell the 'bads' of other materials or else vote that one and then do the same. - Arschyre

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2 Barely any lists get featured

This is a change I'd love to see. I'd love for new users like myself or ones that don't get enough popularity (I've been on the site for under 2 weeks) to be able to have a list featured for a set amount of time if it gets mildly popular (50-100 votes) to get a larger community known to the others. The Top 10's I encourage you to do this, it would be awesome.
Many users are but mere fish swimming around the ocean that is this website. We should let these fish grow bigger and better, have a more loyal community, where's the negatives in this? - Cazaam

3 Can't use own profile picture

I've got a perfect image to use as my profile picture, too bad I can't. I do wonder sometimes why you have to choose between a few generic profile pictures (none of them suit me) and not be allowed one of your own... :( - Cazaam

Oh, if you actually couldn't do that, I just wouldn't like it. I mean, so many users like Pos and Joy have iconic pictures or MULTIPLE iconic pictures... - Garythesnail

I have an idea for what id change it to, but I can't and I'm pretty sure other people have though like PoistronWildhawk. - Metallicafan01

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4 Censorship of swear words

There should be an option for users (and guests possibly) to choose if they want rude words censored or not (Default, on). That would be a welcome change and may appeal to older people who would otherwise view this as censorship. I myself would welcome a change like this because I'm not a big fan of censorship. - Cazaam

The problem is that the filter is a little TOO sensitive. You can't use the word "freak" with "ing" or "in'" at the end even if you actually meant it as a verb rather than a substitute for a certain word that rhymes with "muck".

5 Votes should be more effective

I uploaded my first list less than a fortnight ago. It got mildly popular around 100 votes. Sadly though, the list didn't evolve much and it seemed my initial ordering cemented the items in the list where they were. I'd like to see newer votes have more "power". That will keep lists that aren't specifically dated to evolve over time.
For example: Worst Singers, Best T.V. shows etc. - Cazaam

6 No discussions area for lists
7 Profile picture doesn't show up

Instead, everyone has the generic green silhouette you see. Why can't people's profile pictures show up?

Not that they're good in the first place (Refer to point 3) - Cazaam

My didn't show up at first but then I exited out and then it showed up. Weird. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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8 It's all based on opinion

That's kinda the entire point, bud. - Darth-Snorpy

Isn't that the point? - 906389

That's the point of the website. - PeeledBanana

Ummm... That's the whole point of TheTopTens... - Fandom_Lover

9 Americanism of spellings

That's how it should be

That's a problem? Wow... - Swellow

10 Lists are based more on popularity than actual quality when dealing with pop culture stuff

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11 Inaccurate items on lists
12 Not respecting other people's beliefs

Very true. I'm a nice guy yet no one cares about my opinions about certain fictional characters or such.

13 TheTopTens staff censoring opinions

I tried to post a slightly controversial list, with some descriptions of real issues. I was censored. My opinion was blocked. I wasn't allowed to say what I wanted, because it was "too harsh" or something. Seems ironic. This list had a lot of material about our society, and how if you think differently, you're cast out and shunned. I'm very disappointed with this. - ThatStrangeKid42

Which list are you referring to? Let me know and I can look into it. We generally only remove lists that are plagiarized, attack users, or a small handful of other offenses that are against the terms of use for the site. - Finch

What list are you referring to? Let me know and I can look into it. - Finch

14 Fanboyism

Guys, shut up about your favorite things. We get it you like Sword Art Online, you like Gravity Falls, you like Steven Universe but please don't waste our time by shoving your interests down our throats. - YourWaifuSucks

15 The pages jump up when you try to vote and you end up accidentally voting for something else V 1 Comment
16 Remix selections only have the first 500 items.
17 Rude and disrespectful users who add something to the list just to spite your opinion.

Yunafreya648, hunnyqueen09 and PeeledBanana really disrespected my opinions so I'm just going to avoid them from now on.

18 Arguing over Nintendo characters

There have been a few lists where some users argue over Nintendo characters (as well as ones from Sega, Square-Enix and more) and these users are such bullies who don't respect others' opinions and don't even seem to care about what anonymous visitors say. In fact, I got flamed by a couple of these users (yunafreya648 and hunnyqueen09) for saying something about one of my favorite Nintendo characters (Karel from Fire Emblem). It was not pleasant.

They also seem to have an intense hatred of Princess Peach and Waluigi for no reason.

19 I want to comment only in my remixes
20 Too many special snowflakes
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