Top Ten Problems with Third Wave Feminism

Disclaimer: This list focuses on 3rd Wave Feminism, most of these criticisms do not apply to 1st and 2nd Wave Feminism.

The Top Ten

1 Misandry

Misandry has always happened and still exists in multiple ways even by the MSM, and rarely gets called out. It needs to be stopped just like misogyny.

All because of Tumblr girls - BorisRule

This is definitely top on the list for good reason because it (misandry) is sexist.

Next thing you know, men will announce that they need masculism because (insert real problem here).

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2 Lies and misleading statistics

The wage gap is fake. It doesn't take into account many other things.

I do admit that there are some women who call themselves feminist, but yet are hypocrites when it comes to men's rights and image as well. But everyone needs to understand that feminism truly means believing that women should be equal to men like having equal rights and payment.

Some of the reason why some men and even women get the definition wrong is because they're probably scared of the change, and are use to the old ways, maybe are women haters, or they've been giving the wrong information about feminist.

3 It no longer cares about women

Neither does the political party it supports.

4 It doesn't care about sexist issues in third world countries

While women in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to be treated poorly, feminists in the USA complain about supposed wage gaps more. This isn't feminism, this is stupidity. - Swellow

Exactly, instead of being part of the solution and helping women, they just spread misinformation and act like idiots. - LordEyeballz

Doesn't care about sexist issues in the party that it supports, either.

5 It doesn't focus on equality
6 Identity politics
7 Contradicting ideas within the movement

Some feminists are pro-life, others are pro-choice. Some feminists are pro-LGBT, other feminists are more conservative.

8 It causes more problems rather than solving problems

That was always it's objective as part of the cultural Marxist revolution. Just as the welfare state has destroyed black families, radical feminism seeks to destroy white and hispanic families.

9 It focuses more on victimhood than empowerment
10 The feminist agenda

The Contenders

11 It ignores real and serious male issues
12 Safe Spaces
13 It makes women look weaker than they actually are
14 Tumblr "Feminists"
15 It promotes traditionalism in that it ignores male issues and tells men to put up with misandry.
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