Top 10 Problems With the YouTube Community

Youtube is a cool website and you can watch videos on pretty much anything you want, but just look at the comments section and you will see how terrible people can be on the internet.

The Top Ten

1 Constant Cursing

I'm guilty of this - AlexisK

true - lolingdog9000

2 People who think that their opinions are the only right ones

Agreed. Almost everyone on the Internet lacks a sense of open-mindedness these days. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True but this is not just on youtube.-LitSavage

3 Spam and false advertising

I have seen more than enough YouTube channels where there are people in the comments pretending to be the famous YouTuber and constantly advertising stuff which is more than likely a scam to steal your money or give you a virus. No matter what the actual YouTubers do, the comments keep on coming. - DarthZilla

4 Posting videos without the owner's permission
5 People are incredibly rude
6 Framing Youtubers

The ones who frame and hate Pewdiepie - Ananya

7 People act as if one bad video makes a whole channel bad
8 People who beg for subscribers
9 Well over half of Youtube is children under 13

And the ones who behave like they're under 13...No cerebral neurons. - Ananya

so true

10 People who think gay means bad quality

The Contenders

11 Racism
12 "Last time I was this early" jokes
13 Flame wars
14 "First" comments
15 People that call everyone "alt-right"
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