Top 10 Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Players

List and vote for the best tournament players. Mango, Axe, Armada, blah blah blah

The Top Ten

1 Armada

Has the most positive records in the entire world. Why is Mango known to be better than Armada? Mango also hasn't beat Armada in a set in ages.

Mango has beat Armada, but AR is the current GOAT

The most complete player of all time

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2 Mew2King

This guy

3 Mango

Not as hype as he used to be

The goat is the GOAT


Sexiest movement in my opinion. Insanely good follow ups and has perfected SHDL.

5 Hungrybox
6 Leffen

If I had a choice any Sweden player, it has to be Leffen. Not Armada

He slaughtered all the goes

Ps leffen is ain't done yet
i'm the underdog so place your bets
whoever wanna see leffen looking dumb
throw your money on the line cause I'm making some
gotta say bro you looking awfully weak
wait and see what happens at the salty suite
vanilla fox don't suit you go find another
teach you a lesson and take back my color - ShyGuySwag

7 Axe
8 Hax

How is he still good after not playing due to his hand injury? I call conspiracy, it was just an excuse to go through extreme training.

9 aMSa
10 Banjo

Mejor peach del mundo

Best peach TJ

The Contenders

11 Westballz
12 Plup
13 Fly Amanita

You think Wobbling is all the Ice Climbers are good at? This guy has got insane desyncing combos. Think all he has is cheap stuff abusing the fact that there are two characters in the Ice Climbers? His SoPo is also extremely good.

14 Bizzaro Flame
15 Chillin
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