Top 10 Profile Pics That Will Likely Get You In Trouble

The Top Ten

1 Nazi logo

It's a swastika, a symbol of socialism. It is a lucky symbol. - yatharthb

I'm talking about the racist symbol (Nazi swastika) but the original swastika is really good and you could have it except the Nazi swastika and Jews and some anti-Nazi would felt offended - CerealGuy

2 Offensive meme
3 Ebola jokes meme
4 Genitals
5 Racist picture

A racist picture would be both offensive and hilarious at the same time. 😂

6 People dying

I'm going to get this as a profile pic! (not joking) - Userguy44

That's discusting!

7 Pornography

That kind of profile picture would defiantly get anyone into huge trouble, especially during the School/Work hours because a teacher/boss would be extremely angry.

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