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1 Planet Earth

It was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC, and also the first to be filmed in high definition - Alexandr

2 MythBusters

Mythbusters is the greatest show in existence! I am in love with Grant! I really with that Discovery would stop replaying the same episodes over and over again. I want to see some episodes from the earlier seasons that I missed. My favorite is when they do ancient weapons and armor myths. My favorite myth of all time is paper armor. SEASON 10 STARTS TOMORROW!

I love when they use the Rocket-Sled. The first time I saw them use it my first thought was "my life is complete" - HarCher

Boring show, two scary pants with no regards for the science.
It's too random, and it's dull when people take them-self way too serious.

Love it

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3 Man vs. Wild

Bear grylls is the reason discovery channel got famous... At least in INDIA!

One of the awesome survival show and best show by discovery channel.

Simply, he is real hero. I love to watch his programs though already saw. Superb

This is very good show on Discovery Channel most boy see this program. Girls don't se this because this program has some killing seens

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4 Deadliest Catch

This show is awesome! It's too bad that Captain Phil Harris died.

Feels like family!

5 BrainGames
6 Bush People

I am completely and utterly appalled this is so far down. You should all be ashamed. Do you even know what character development is. This is a cinematic masterpiece.

I can't believe this fraudulent show still airs

This is the greatest show to ever grace American eyes.

Great family show outstanding scenery!

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7 Rocket Science

Very very interesting and knowledge providing for young peoples at least they come to know some thing

8 Bad Universe
9 The FBI Files

The show described actual FBI cases, with dramatic reenactments and interviews with agents and forensic scientists who worked in the investigations. - Alexandr

Best show

10 Gold Rush

Parker is a little to hard sometimes. Todd never gets exited Tony is a wild man I like him

And ice cold gold

I love gold rush

This is the most fantastic serie I have seen in my whole life.

All the mistakes and every gold weight/count you truly feel for the guys.
Both season 3 and four where killers. thank you wery much for many good hours!

Greetings from Norway!

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11 License to Drill
12 Storm Chasers

Produced by Original Media, the program follows several teams of storm chasers as they attempt to intercept tornadoes in Tornado Alley in the United States. - Alexandr

A shame they took it off the air. Best show that was on Discovery.

13 Street Outlaws

Love this show I am a drag racer my self. This is better than porn. LOL

Great show, every day people's type of show.

Best show on television hands down

Only reason I watch T.V.

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14 Breakout
15 Air Crash Investigation
16 Diagnosis: Unknown
17 Troy
18 Science Of Stupid

A Filipino was a host of this show?
Enough said.

Science of stupid you are great. you have all things, comedy, science knowledge etc. manish paul you rocked

19 Brew Masters

The show focused on Sam Calagione, the founder and head of Dogfish Head Brewery, and his staff as they scoured the world for new, ancient, and imaginative inspirations for beers. - Alexandr

20 Atlas

Focuses on the cultural, sociological, and natural aspects of various countries by exploring their different peoples, traditions, and lands. - Alexandr

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