Top 10 Programs Broadcast by History Channel

The Top Ten
Pawn Stars
Ancient Mysteries
Counting Cars
Hatfields & McCoys
IRT Deadliest Roads
Battles BC
Mountain Men

Way Higher. Very realistic, heritage depicted, and void of "bleeping"!

American Pickers
Rust Valley Restorers

The Newcomers

? Life After People

The greatest two season wonder in the history of all television period. If the Empire State Building fall down WITH people, that will make headlines worldwide on the spot. I love segments involving cities and places that in truth no longer have people.
Its Joeysworld

? Forged in Fire
The Contenders
JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America
Ice Road Truckers
Expedition Africa
Deep Sea Detectives
Top Shot
Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy
Modern Marvels

I love the Las Vegas hotels documentary!

Blood Diamonds
UFO Hunters
Clash of the Gods
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