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101 Darkwater

Best band on the planet,very melodic unlike dream theater! great vocals!

102 Volumes

Just listen to VAHLE... Or EDGE OF THE EARTH... They just kill it to saturation...

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103 Blotted Science Blotted Science

They should be at the top 5. For creativity, heaviness, musicianship and talent

This list is stupid. These guys should be at the top.

104 Novembre

Rediculously underrated band. Think of what would happen if you melded the progressive stylings of Opeth with the ethereal atmospheres of Agalloch, and added some Katatonia-esqu goth and doom to the mix. This band deserves to be in the highest echelon of progressive metal! Just as incredible as Opeth, if not, even better.

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105 ShommohoN

ShommohoN is New Generation Proggressive Metal from Bangladesh. The Word ShommohoN means "HYPNOTISM"

Shommohon is the best progressive band and I personally love its song. specially baccha chele song and ses poroniti an awesome song

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106 Native Construct

They just released their debut album "Quiet World" (2015), but the album sounds like they have been making masterpieces for years already.

New band. Very, very promising. Their debut album might just be in my top 3 albums of all time

Mute is the greatest song released in 2015 and possibly in my top 15 songs EVER

107 Earthside Earthside

Very new, but they're doing something special already. Less musical skill than many other bands here, but they create music that is more accessible to more people as opposed to established prog-heads, therefore I feel that they deserve to be higher on the list. - Angrycrumpet

108 Forest Stream

Not really Progressive Metal, but this band is great. They combine gothic, doom and black metal.

Ps: where the hell is leprous? Leprous is the best progressive Metal band ever (after Dream Theater and Opeth)

109 The Empire Shall Fall
110 Lifeforms Lifeforms
111 After The Burial After The Burial
112 Cloudscape
113 Reflections
114 Pyramaze

Are you kidding me? These should be top 20 at least, every song on every album is of the highest quality in musicianship, originality and production value.

Pyramaze is an amazing group. Each album they release shows off a different facet of their talents.

115 The Afterimage
116 Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land at 123? Yeah sure, there are a lot of other prog metal bands that may be better than Orphaned Land. But seriously, this band has quite a unique sound and many of their songs hold very important messages and themes.

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117 Kekal
118 Arcturus
119 Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle
120 Skyharbor Skyharbor
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