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141 Beyond the Bridge

Amazing band, one of the best (if not the best) to come out in 2012. Very unique sound with great vocals and keyboard work.

142 Sigh
143 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
144 Baroness Baroness Baroness is an American heavy metal band from Savannah, Georgia whose original members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia.

Very underrated band, not sure why... Nowadays, even Masto-eff-don tries to be like them. Listen to Yellow & Green, I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE you won't regret it.

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145 ERRA

Truly amazing band. Must checkout.

146 Soundscape
147 Halo Haven

Prog metal... With female's vox! Kicking

148 Gontobbohin

"Juboshomaj" the single release was a blast. N the "ma go bhabna keno" rock ver is a good one frim the playlist

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149 ProtikkhoN
150 While Heaven Wept

Hold on where is Whw? They should have been 1 st place followed by orphaned land and agalloch

151 A Perfect Circle

The lead singer and guitarist is the same as tool and I can't see why this is so low...very underrated

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152 Indukti

The best band ever.

153 Pantommind
154 Agent Fresco

Check this guys, Iceland , this will stun you.

155 Suspyre

This band is rather underrated from what I can gather, but honestly I started listening to "When time fades..." and thought some of the songs were the most beautiful pieces of art I've heard in prog metal. They are kind of similar to symphony x in a way but this band is good.

156 Aquilus

Shame nobody put Horace's brilliance on here yet. Best Australian band.

157 Dreamtale
158 Age of Nemesis
159 Jonmantor

Jonmantor is a progressive tough band of Bangladesh.

They good for their thrasser, make smooth rhythm for listening.

Feel fast to play croudy.

Too blasting in RIFF...

Differently lyrics by the globalize world...
Vocal Shakil is different make r from different thinking...
So good in stage performance..

160 Eumeria

Although they were started at late 2011 with Rebel mind single who really influenced heavily by Dream Theater. But guitarist really done something over the top any great guitar in prog metal! Reece Fullwood is incredibly a talented guitar like Rusty Cooley and John Petrucci himself! Listen to track like Legion, Rebel Mind, Dreaming of death etc you will understand why they should be noticed as an important role in progressive world of metal!

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