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Tool is an American progressive/alternative metal band, that was formed in 1990. more.


Okay so I've tried listening to opeth their pretty good. But Dream theater how are they number one. The voice of the vocalist is Also an instrument, but they don't even have a singer what! I think tool is best because their bass is amazing, Maynard James Keenan has to be one of the best vocalists in the world. Maynard has a way of making any song sound good. I mean I have not heard one song by tool that I disliked. All of tool's songs are smart, have lots of meaning, and make you think. Now I will say this they only have about six albums out, but in my opinion that is smart because that will make people crave them more. Tool's sound can also vary, so they can twist and turn with their music about. TOOL is the definition of talent and are superior all bands. I will say Korn is also another band worth checking out, but they are nu metal.

I don't know what it was, I hated Tool and thought slipknot was the greatest in the world. But suddenly something clicked, I loved Tool and just couldn't stand how boring slipknot was. The math involved in Tools music and the chemistry between all the instruments and sounds that seem to make an eternal dance of evolution. Tool changed my taste in music forever, they changed the way I view the world, made me stop listening to crap just because other people are listening to it, They opened my eyes. If you hate Tool, your just not ready for them, go listen to dream theater, they're simpler.

Most unique and original sound in my opinion.. Complex simplicity.. Intelligent.. Many tried to copy the formula but if they succeed in one aspect than they fail in some other. Tool is just perfect and true to it self since id never heard a note that would compromise the work they are doing. I wish there were more bands like this, and I am looking day by day for such, although I know it's an impossible. Mission.

While Dream Theater is more technically sound, Tool writes about EVERYTHING! Life, Death, Eternity, Capitalism, Drugs, Spiritual Awakening and so much more, all while playing in more complex rhythms than any other prog metal band. Adam Jones is a true artist, not just a guitarist, Danny Carrey is the Stewart Copeland of metal, playing rhythms that no one else can play and Justin Channclor's bass playing is rhythmic and unique as see in "Schism". Tool goes beyond prog metal and creates musical masterpieces that can put them on higher levels than Beethoven and Mozart.

Way more serious and musically profound than Opeth and Dream Theater, I cannot understand how come these guys are No. 3! This is the art that makes you consider utilizing your brain :D

I've been into Tool since I heard them on Guitair Hero World Tour and until that game I always hated Rock, but ever since Tool came into my life it is my 2nd favorite music genre and I am black! I don't know if Tool is the best but they should be pretty damn high on almost every greatest band list.

All members of Tool are extremely talented at what they do, and the lyrics aren't just a way of putting out music like most bands do (not that that's a bad thing). Every song has some sort of hidden meaning in it, and it's totally up to the listener to discover what that is.

Tool is more than a simple band. It's a journey of emotion and intellect. The band have something of a cult following with all its rabid fans as well as a bunch people who love them because they are absolutely amazing musicians. With only four albums, Tool proves that quality does mean more than quantity

Tool are progressive, but keep the power of metal... I never miss chugging riffs when I listen to them, and the bass is just killer. It thuds through me, shaking my consciousness, as the deep lyrics make my jaw drop in philosophical awe. These guys ARE progressive metal.

After years of listening to Pink Floyd, I stumbled upon Tool's "Lateralus" and it absolutely blew my mind. The way they blended ambient and progressive elements and deep lyrics into one Rock/Metal album changed my perspective on music forever.

Definitely the greatest band of all time Maynard James Keenan has great vocals Danny Carey is a great drummer Adam Jones is a great guitarist Justin Chancellor is a great bassist this whole band makes great music

Best band ever, the only downside of this band is that after you hear them everything else is garbage.. Enough said

I don't even listen to that much metal besides Tool because they are the best, they don't add in solos for the sake of it, and the lyrics are extremely in depth.

Tool is my 4th favorite modern rock band of all time. And, in my opinion, are the best sounding band of the 2000s since The White Stripes. They have solidified themselves as one of the greatest progressive metal bands ever, and helped popularized it since the start. Sure, Dream Theater helped create the genre, but Tool perfected it. They deserve to be #1.

Tool is in a class of their own! They are at the top of pro metal scene.

Tool should be considered its own genre.

My favorite band. Their lyrics are pure poetry forcing you to think about problems and perplexities of consciousness and human nature.

A guitar, a bass guitar, and a set of drums but the music stretches way beyond the realms of the human mind.

Yes, they were the greatest heavy progressive rock band ever to have graced the planet. Pity that they aren't metal and both them and A Perfect Circle are extinct.

Riveting song ideas. Gripping band. Lateralus is arguably one of the most complex compositions of all time.


Best example to perfection! Just 3 instruments at the highest level of performance: astonishing!

While Dream Theater are content to churn out the same old crap, album after album, some other bands have a slightly more PROGRESSIVE approach.

I swear to god, if you listen to Tool, everything else just seems like music for kids, they're music is in a whole new level.

Simply genius! Few, if any can match their live performances. Danny is a drum god and the visuals experience is surreal.

Tool is God...Nobody can sing like maynard..none can patch like adams and drums...the Fibonacci..drummers...all songs...especially push it live is out of this world...have you ever heard base solos...this band is divine...and lyrics can change your state of acts...Tool is Salvation.