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A Progressive Metal Epic is another term for a big extravagant progressive metal song usually covering a lengthy time and having a lot of sections or "moments" that leave off either a triumphant or climatic sensation. They are sometimes either the main attraction to a prog metal album or they are often the closing track as well. Sometimes both. They are also usually the longest song of the album, although some albums may have more than one epic.

In this list I am listing off what are some of my favorite as well as some of the most iconic Progressive Metal epics are. These are all, in my opinion, really amazing songs that I definitely recommend. As usual I'll be doing the one song per artist rule, to give every band a chance. Feel free to add some of your own as well.

The Top Ten

1 White Walls - Between the Buried and Me

This is by far my favorite Progressive Metal song of all-time. The last 5 minutes are some of the most incredible moments in prog that I have had the pleasure to hear. This is what I think is the perfect definition of a Progressive Metal Epic! - cjWriter1997

2 Black Rose Immortal - Opeth

Opeth are probably one of the most influential bands of progressive music in the past 25 years. They have a lot of awesome epics but the one that I think deserves a mention is the 20+ minute Black Rose Immortal from their album Morningrise. It is absolutely fantastic. - cjWriter1997

3 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater

Decided to pick something different. I'll usually go with Octavarium but I'm picking Six Degress because it is not only of the same quality of Octavarium, it's way longer and more epic. - cjWriter1997

4 Visions - Haken Visions - Haken

Personally, I think this is the best Progressive Metal song of the 2010s. Once again it has that epic 20+ minute length and it never gets old. - cjWriter1997

5 The Odyssey - Symphony X

I love this song, as it was also one of the first really really long songs I heard. It's a classic to the genre and one definitely worth checking. - cjWriter1997

6 And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian

This is probably one of the best Progressive Power Metal epics. Not only is the song structured like an epic, it sounds epic in general. It's probably one of the most uplifiting and triumphant epics to ever be made. - cjWriter1997

7 The Last Baron - Mastodon

There are two that could qualify from this album, this and The Czar. I decided to pick the longer closer track this time. - cjWriter1997

8 Suite Sister Mary - Queensryche

This is probably one of the first ever Progressive Metal epics. Back in 1988, Queensryche delivered probably one of the most influential metal albums of all time. Suite Sister Mary is the longest song, reaching over 10 minutes. - cjWriter1997

9 And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope - Ne Obliviscaris

Progressive Extreme Metal that is absolutely one of the best. The album has a couple epics to choose from but I went with what I personally think is the best. - cjWriter1997

This song is amazingly sick and I love it very much. There are several unique things in its composition. - Metal_Treasure

10 Dancers to a Discordant System - Meshuggah

The shortest song on this list but I still consider it an epic as it's the longest and most progressive of the album. It's 9 minutes of sweet heavy technical metal goodness. - cjWriter1997

The Contenders

11 Dopesmoker - Sleep

60+ minutes of pure prog metal epicness

12 Octavarium - Dream Theater
13 A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater
14 The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater
15 I - Meshuggah
16 Mirror of Souls - Theocracy

22:30 minutes of prog power metal - Metal_Treasure

17 I Am - Theocracy
18 Weltseele - Obscura
19 Concealing Fate - Tesseract
20 Swim to the Moon - Between the Buried and Me
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1. White Walls - Between the Buried and Me
2. Black Rose Immortal - Opeth
3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater


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