Top Ten Project Gungame Players


The Top Ten

1 Captain Slendy 2.0 Captain Slendy 2.0

I love him when I first got on the game I felt him as a friend

He is the best gol-darned roller coaster builder in the history of gun game

Simply amazing at Gungame. - Captain_Slendy

He is awesome and helpful

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2 IqwertyI IqwertyI

I agree on the message bellow and Iqwertyl are we friends?

Qwerty is the most trustest high commander you can always have. He's super nice and likes to get the job done. He's a very good builder and a great pvper

3 godlike

This anal cavity is not good

I feel godlike is amazing as a person and as a player I do not regret joining CSF

Only guy I never beated -_-

4 kavemustermann

He's the worst hacker he's horrible

Best PVP-er in the game

5 bob the rock
6 Vortakk
7 CONDOG52768
8 111brock

I like you

9 NeymarBryce

All around great player. Loves having fun and never gives up the fight. All round great player

He changed his name to Lumpy - MagmaFox

No he a hacker

Good player!

10 music guy

The Contenders

11 PandaMan82
12 Zhengjie

From NeymarBryce,"one of the only people that crushes me so bad in pvp"

Vote this man!

True amazing player. Deserves top 5.

13 Mse
14 meowtezthegreat
15 AnthonyTheBoss88
16 Islanders Fan
17 PuffinMan21
18 DragonX DragonX

One of my favourite clan leaders

He's the best dad.

Amazing player, at least deserves top 10. - Captain_Slendy

Founder of one of the best clans of all time: DGX

19 Bob (Guest)

He is the very first player I met a year ago an he is on every day. trustful, quirky, usually stays silent and is a pro at berretta and starter jetpack.

20 SuperGirlyGamer

My sister is history yay

She has had a successful clan so far and got hacked 4 times and survived it is diffuciult to be good as her at pvp

21 SkythekidR5
22 SkythekidR5
23 Cheryl

She is nice innocent cool and god amazing she likes yandere I can tell

One of my friends. built a map with her

24 Jacks
25 SpardaGamer
26 Shadow_pvp
27 awesomecam

Is very annoying but has 5 different accounts for clan bonding and more. Trolled, and told to "F" off but doesn't listen. Has a accent.

28 Ethan C
29 MM02
30 chan1
31 debt_slaves

A ' XP farmer...

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