Top Ten Project Gungame Players


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1 Captain Slendy 2.0 Captain Slendy 2.0

I love him when I first got on the game I felt him as a friend

He is the best gol-darned roller coaster builder in the history of gun game

Simply amazing at Gungame. - Captain_Slendy

Hi can you be my friend? :D

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2 IqwertyI IqwertyI

Qwerty is the most trustest high commander you can always have. He's super nice and likes to get the job done. He's a very good builder and a great pvper

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3 godlike

I feel godlike is amazing as a person and as a player I do not regret joining CSF

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4 kavemustermann

He's the worst hacker he's horrible

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5 bob the rock
6 Vortakk
7 CONDOG52768
8 111brock

I like you

9 NeymarBryce

All around great player. Loves having fun and never gives up the fight. All round great player

He changed his name to Lumpy - MagmaFox

No he a hacker

Good player!

10 music guy

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? Mse

The Contenders

11 PandaMan82
12 Zhengjie

From NeymarBryce,"one of the only people that crushes me so bad in pvp"

True amazing player. Deserves top 5.

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13 meowtezthegreat
14 AnthonyTheBoss88
15 Islanders Fan
16 PuffinMan21
17 DragonX DragonX

One of my favourite clan leaders

He's the best dad.

Amazing player, at least deserves top 10. - Captain_Slendy

Founder of one of the best clans of all time: DGX

18 Bob (Guest)

He is the very first player I met a year ago an he is on every day. trustful, quirky, usually stays silent and is a pro at berretta and starter jetpack.

19 SuperGirlyGamer

She has had a successful clan so far and got hacked 4 times and survived it is diffuciult to be good as her at pvp

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20 SkythekidR5
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