Top Ten Best Project Management Integrations for TFS

This list contains the best integration options for project management experience extension in TFS.

The Top Ten

1 Eylean Board

Great for collaboration between developers and the rest of the team.

Integrate any TFS project and keep a live sync through hand crafted interface of Eylean. Add missing functionality and implement any process you need. - dovilem

Definitely the best TFS plugin ever. Now we feel actual advantages of the Kanban visualization. Thanks a lot!

I find this one to be very easy to start with. It is even better than trello actually.

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2 Urban Turtle

Urban Turtle is a collection of add-ons that improves the experience of Agile teams in Team Foundation Server. - dovilem

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3 Leankit

LeanKit supports pre-built integrations for many commonly used tools and applications. - dovilem

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4 Swiftkanban

Visualize Your Workflow using SwiftKanban and quickly define your processes as lanes and sub-lanes on a Kanban board, representing a workflow stage through which you can flow your work. - dovilem

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5 Telerik

TFS Work Item Manager TFS Work Item Manager (WIM) is an innovative team workload coordination platform that helps you manage your TFS work items in a much more efficient and intuitive way. - dovilem

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6 TFS Timetracker

TFS Timetracker allows developers to record their working times directly to items in Microsoft® Team Foundation Server. - dovilem

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7 Jama

Integrating Jama and TFS enables product teams and stakeholders working in Jama to collaboratively write, validate, approve and communicate requirements and story prioritization. - dovilem

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8 Axosoft

Associate Axosoft items with TFS commits, including work logs. Requires installation on TFS server; see documentation for details. - dovilem

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9 Clarizen

This should be in place forever and improved

Clarizen for TFS (Team Foundation Server) allows development organizations to plan and manage projects in Clarizen, while allowing their developers to work and update their tasks via TFS. - dovilem

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10 Innovative-E

Team Foundation Server (TFS) integration with Project Server can reduce overhead on your development team and your project managers while yielding better control over their projects. - dovilem

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