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1 Ray

Ah. The Emo Child who tries to light himself on fire! Best character in the whole intire thing! He might act a bit like a phsychopath SOMETIMES, but I like him.

Easily the best by far. Suffered alone for years and years and yet the only thing he cared about his friends.

He's by far the most interesting character with the most character development in the whole show

I have always like Ray I like his personality and he has been through a lot.

2 Emma

She may have been (in Norman’s words) reckless, but she always inspires everyone and was the reason they were able to save everyone, even when it seemed impossible. She is so upbeat and the kindest. She had some great ideas and was crucial in putting the plan together. Not to mention she’s also the reason Norman gave Ray a second chance.

Emma is sort of like Naruto and Hinata (Shoyo). An energetic main character that you just have to eventually love.

Emmas green eyes are beautiful green eyes is the prettiest eye color to me. She is a very strong girl as well.

She cares so much and keeps pushing even when the worst comes to worse

3 Norman

For a while, I didn’t know who was my favorite. But honestly, now I know it’s Norman. I GOT SO DEPRESSED AND SAD WHEN HE GOT LEFT TO GO GET SHIPPED AND I MISSED HIM! I LOVE THIS GUY! He is the smartest and along with Emma has the purest heart. I just love him so much. Adorable, I wish he could’ve seen their escape...

Norman is my favorite character. I just love him. He's kind, smart, and even though he is cocky in some ways, cares for his family.

I have always had a thing for white haired people and Norman is just adorable.

The smart one. Who doesn't need help from the guy that climbed the wall?

4 Isabella

She may be the villain, and not all her actions are justified, but there's no denying she's an amazing character.

Sure, she was the antagonist and worked to kill a bunch of children. But she barely had a choice, and I’m pretty sure that all she wanted was to be free like every other human in the show.

Isabella is a nice girl, even though she feeds children to demons.

5 Gilda

So kind! Love the cahrecter development.

yessss she very helpful :)

6 Phil

This child makes me smile so much. I love him to death.

Our one true lord and savior.

Phil is love. Phil is life.

le epic

7 Don

not bad

ehh good character

8 Sister Krone

I LOVE HER SO MUCH, I love these kind of people so much no matter how they look, sadly she died :(

Sister Krone was a crackhead. Loved her.

9 Oliver
10 Lucas

Lucas is awesome along with Yuugo. If you haven't read the manga, check it out.

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11 Gillian
12 Conny

When Conny died I cried, I cry every time I think about it. I have a sister who reminds me of Conny and It breaks my heart to think about her. Conny is adorable as well.

13 Anna

I wish she had more screentime she is literally so cute

14 Yuugo

Why so low? I love yuugo man

15 Musica
16 Nigel
17 Ayshe
18 Lani
19 Thoma
20 Archduke Lewis
21 Carol
22 Leslie
23 Monica
24 Adam
25 Cedi
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