Top 10 Proofs that Alphys is a Better Undertale Character Than Undyne


The Top Ten

1 She's way better-written
2 She has a far bigger and more fleshed-out role in the storyline, especially in Pacifist runs
3 She created Mettaton

That's not a good thing at all... Not to the human, at least.

4 Undyne wasn't responsible for the best plot twists in the game
5 She's far more relatable
6 Her Genocide boss fight (Alphys NEO) is actually even better (and a lot harder) than Sans', let alone Undyne's
7 Alphys isn't a blatant ripoff of a certain character from Homestuck
8 Alphys is the main reason that all of my recent fanfiction masterpieces exist
9 She's cuter and chubbier
10 She's smarter

The Contenders

11 She's a character that you can actually somewhat unironically take seriously if and when the need arises
12 She has sexier feet than Undyne (and goes barefoot)
13 Contrary to popular belief, she's actually hotter than Undyne, particularly if you happen to have a foot fetish
14 Her battle theme (Alphys Takes Action) is way better
15 Her home area is way cooler
16 She's more mature
17 She's more likeable
18 She has an overall better-executed character design
19 Undyne doesn't have awesome pets like the Amalgamates
20 Her speech to Frisk in the Queen Alphys neutral ending
21 Amazingly, she somehow manages to have even more adorable facial expressions
22 She's a cuter type of animal
23 Alphys has an actual personality that isn't just completely made out of anime tropes
24 Alphys is widely considered by those with proper taste to be the best character in the game
25 She's an underrated and amazing character, whereas Undyne is an extremely overrated and cliched one
26 She has Sonic quills
27 Flowey would never have even existed without Alphys
28 Most of the game's entire plot would be nonexistent without her
29 Her death in the Genocide run
30 Her death in Alphys NEO
31 She wears glasses
32 She's vastly more adorkable
33 She has better taste in anime
34 She's a much more realistically portrayed anti-hero than Undyne ever was
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