Top Ten Proofs that Black Sabbath (The Song) by Black Sabbath Didn't Create Black Metal

I once read something on the internet that the song ´Black Sabbath´ by Black Sabbath created black metal.
This is an exaggeration. Everytime I mention 'Black Sabbath' in one of the entries, I mean the song and not the band.

The Top Ten

1 Black Metal is fast, Black Sabbath is slow to mid-tempo
2 Black Metal has fast, tremolo-picked riffs, this song doesn't have fast riffs.

I don't know why people would/thought that this is black metal. I mean black metal is fast. Very fast. Even faster than thrash or death metal. Tony Iommi never used tremolo picking. While Black Metal has the most uses of tremolo picking. So, how this song is black metal? - zxm

3 Black Metal has blast-beat drumming, Black Sabbath doesn't have blast-beat drumming.
4 Black Metal has shrieked/screamed vocals, Black Sabbath doesn't have that, and it doesn't even have screaming.
5 That 'Satan' is mentioned twice in Black Sabbath, doesn't mean it's black metal.
6 Black Metal is a genre rooted in Extreme Metal, Black Sabbath is not extreme.
7 The sound effects in the intro of Black Sabbath don't make it Black Metal.
8 Black Metal has a lot of aggression, does Black Sabbath sound aggressive?
9 It doesn't sound like any Black Metal song.
10 Black Sabbath isn't a metal song. Even Tony Iommi, the guitarist, admitted that he didn't play Metal in the 70s.

Tony Iommi called it 'heavy rock' and not 'heavy metal.' - NuMetal

The Contenders

11 The Song Shows a Healthy Fear of the Devil, While Black Metal Songs are About Devil Worship.
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