Top 10 Proofs the Earth is Round

For the small percent of people who believe otherwise here you go

The Top Ten

1 We have photographic evidence

Earth is not really round, it's closer to oblate, bigger at the equator and smaller at the poles.
It's 42 km 769 meters 40 centimeters bigger at the equator than at the poles.
It's 12713 km 504 meters 60 cm at its poles and 12756 km 274 meters at its equator.
Plus we have mountains, canyons, trenches, pits and craters, which keep Earth from being entirely flooded with oceans.

If Earth were round, the equator and poles would be exactly equal and there'd be no mountains, canyons, trenches, pits or craters.
That would also mean no plants, no trees, no cities or buildings.

A sphere is a 3D figure where the surface is equally distant from the center Everywhere.
Earth isn't a sphere, but it certainly isn't flat either, but more like a chicken nugget you'd find at McDonald's(though very slightly like one, bigger at the middle by 0.33528590034%).
Yet if Earth were shrunk down to the size of a billiard ball, then areas like the big mountain ranges and trenches ...more - Gregory

People have not believed the earth is flat for a long time, anyone who believed it is dead.
And yes, I know about the Internet joke. But do we take everything the Internet says seriously?

IT'S 2019 PEOPLE - Peppapigsucks

There is no way to change the small percentage of peoples mind once a person is hard set that the earth is flat their not changing their mind for anything, just like the urine drinkers, and antivaxxers - germshep24

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2 We have personal accounts

The latest account is that Earth is 42 km 769 m 40 cm fatter at its equator while its polar diameter is 12713 km 504 m 60 cm, caused by the centrifugal force of its rotation, putting the equatorial diameter at 12756 km 274 m.
Plus we have mountains, including the Himalayas, with Mt. Everest being 8,847 m(8.847 km) tall and the Mariana Trench 10,994 m (10.994 km) deep.
Yet Denali(a.ka. Mt. McKinley), the tallest mountain in North America standing 6190 m 48 cm 8 mm(6.190488 km) from sea level, and Mauna Kea in Hawaii being 4207 m 30 cm(4.2073 km) above sea level and over 10,000 m(10 km) from the base floor.
Yet Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador is 6,263 m(6.263 km) is the highest peak and distance from Earth's center, at a distance of 6,384 km 400 m from Earth's core, greater than the rest of Earth's equatorial radius of 6,371 km 137 m (keep in mind the polar radius is 6,356 km 752 m 30 cm).

Christopher Columbus was wrong about Earth being round, but many are wrong about Earth ...more - Gregory

3 You can walk in a triangle (on earth's surface)

If you walked 10,000 kilometers to miles straight along the Earth's surface, turn 90 degrees right walk 10,000 kilometers more turn right again and walk another 10,000 kilometers you will be back to where you started, having successfully made a triangle with 3 90 degree angles, this is impossible on a flat surface. - BreakFastBeast2005

4 We have time zones

It the earth was flat the sun's lightwould be equally distributed everywhere all the time - BreakFastBeast2005

Yet if Earth were completely round, the shadows the Sun casts on everything would turn a different direction than they currently do. - Gregory

5 Other planets are round

Every other planet we have seen is round so what would make the earth any different - BreakFastBeast2005

Many planets look round, but they're not quite round.
Mercury has craters, Venus has volcanoes and few craters, Earth has a Mt. Everest, Mt. McKinley, the Marian Trench, the Grand Canyon and such, and the bulge makes it 0.33528590034% wider than its poles, Mars has Olympus Mons and Valles Marineres, yet is oblate, making it 0.5888934% wider in the middle, Jupiter is a gas and fluid ball that's 6.487439% wider at its equator, Saturn's 9.7896065% bigger at its equator, Uranus is 2.28944255% wider at the equator, Neptune is 1.70812465% wider at its equator, and Pluto is 1% wider in the middle.
A sphere is a perfectly equal figure with no bumps, pits or bulges. - Gregory

6 The stars at night change as you go north to south
7 We can see ships on the horizon

Emerging ships "appear"out the horizon due to the earth's curvature - BreakFastBeast2005

8 Magellan circumnavigated the earth

However he didn't prove how much bigger Earth is at its middle and the fact that geology and mountains prevent it from being truly spherical in the first place. - Gregory

9 The sun gets lower and lower
10 The Coriolis effect is a thing

The Coriolis effect is defined as how a moving object seems to veer toward the right in the Northern hemisphere and left in the Southern hemisphere. An example of the Coriolis effect is hurricane winds turning left in the Northern hemisphere. - BreakFastBeast2005

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