Top Ten Proofs That Herobrine Doesn't Exist

I explain the top 10 reasons that Herobrine does NOT exist..

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1 Game Files

The creator of Minecraft even said himself that Herobrine doesn't exist. And even if he does, wheres the proof? All the videos on YouTube are clearly fake. All the articles saying how you can find him and fake. There's LITERALLY no piece of evidence that he exists. - nintendofan126

There is nothing in the game codes or game files that are meant to act like Herobrine. There is no code, and there probably never will be. Sorry herobrine fans, jokes over. - SomeRandomStickboy

Herobad just not exist the first picture was a textured door all the others were also fake he's not in the code and the herobad has been removed was a joke from Mojang and I know I am missplelling his rediculous fake name

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2 Duh.

TBR Central's herobrine video I did believe. Then I look at it now and say, "THIS IS FAKE". It's is friend when he isn't seen he is doing all the stuff. Why? When the person sees herobrine he has his arms up and this is the xbox version. So it's his friend cause there is a herobrine skin with his arms up. WOW - spodermanfan1000

Its just obvious. Herobrine doesn't exist. Done. - SomeRandomStickboy

Herobrine actually existed at past Minecraft. Here's what happened.
A hacker get into mojang's system and secretly added Herobrine
meaning Minecraft developers didn't added him. I think the hacker hacked notch's twitter too or whatever. HE DID EXISTED IN PAST Minecraft!

3 The First Photo

It was proved that the first photo of Herobrine was actually photoshopped, meaning that the first instance of Herobrine was actually fake, prompting the fact that Herobrine is indeed FAKE! Woah, I didn't take a breath in that sentence. I am breathing SO heavily right now... - SomeRandomStickboy

4 Why not leave?

If Herobrine really exists, then why wouldn't he just leave Minecraft and go out and about torturing peeps? Exactly. He can't. Because he doesn't exist. Done. - SomeRandomStickboy

5 The "Herobrine Removed" Joke
6 The Sellout

It is said that Herobrine wants revenge on Notch for god knows what. If Microsoft bought Minecraft(CURSE YOU PARRY THE PLATYPU--sorry--CURSE YOU BILL GATES! ), then Herobrine wouldn't be able to torment Notch, meaning that he would have no reason to exist anymore. Now where was I...CURSE YOU BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! Who else...ah... CURSE YOU MCDONALDS! - SomeRandomStickboy

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8 Unnecessary Torture?

Herobrine wants to torture the player, right? But he has no reason to! The player did nothing! - SomeRandomStickboy

9 Dat Skin, Bruh?

If Herobrine hates the player so much, why would he have a skin similar to the player, just with no Irises? - SomeRandomStickboy

10 Its a game.

Wouldn't Herobrine know this is JUST A GAME?!?! I mean he is smart enough to know what a roundhouse kick is, how would he not know that he's in a game? - SomeRandomStickboy

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11 God???

He says on his signs Quote "Only God can save you now." And quote. There is no god in the game, so how would he know what god is, if he is only in a game? - SomeRandomStickboy

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