Top 10 Proofs Life Isn't Fair

The Top Ten Proofs Life Isn't Fair

1 Despite the fact that good people do good things, they get jack half the time.

Good people never prosper, despite being good. - USGC

2 Something good always happens to bad people
3 People bully you for being into different things.
4 Rich kids are unappreciative to their moms/dads, yet they get to live the good life.

All the bad kids are born into rich familys - USGC

5 No one is willing to change to make the world better.

No one is willing to change to make life better for everyone. - USGC

6 You don't control your body, especially if you end up healthy or not.

You don't get to control your body, gender, mental health, and who your born with. - USGC

7 Babies can't prevent their own abortion.
8 You can't control your life as a kid.
9 You don't get to control what body you are born with.
10 You get no power as a kid

As a kid, you can never get what you want, when you want. - USGC

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11 Innocent people die young
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