Top Ten Proofs Luigi Is an Overrated Video Game Character


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1 Some users treat him like he's a god

Luigi just steals Mario's credit. He's the sidekick, not some king or something.

Luigi is obviously no king, but calling him Mario's sidekick isn't giving him enough credit. Mario and Luigi work together as equals, and some games can be beaten as Luigi. - Treacle

We all know who that guy is. - Chaotixhero

Lemme guess who's treating him like that, Danteem. - Delgia2k

Everyone knows who that is. - RiverClanRocks

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2 Without Mario, he wouldn't exist

People think he's better than Mario, but without Mario, he wouldn't exist. - Therandom

He can't be a better character than Mario dumbass. Without Mario, Super Mario Bros won't exist. Learn that dumbass - ZesaX

Luigi fans hate Mario non stop. But then they relize, without Mario, Luigi wouldn't exist. - nintendofan126

He started off as a pallet swap of Mario. No Mario, no Luigi.

Without Mario, danteem couldn't practice his religion.

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3 He is afraid of ghosts

Ghosts aren't even scary. - EpicJake

They're not even scary. - Therandom

4 In some games he is there for comic relief
5 He only helps Mario

Mario always saves the day. - Therandom

6 He is kind of a coward

Not anymore till the year of Luigi

He's still a coward...

7 He has very few games other than Luigi's Mansion that he stars in.
8 He is just like Mario

They get the same power ups and whatnot. - Therandom

That's NOT TRUE! - Danteem

9 He is more well liked than Mario, the star of the franchise

Mario isn't entitled to be the most popular character just because he happens to be the most promoted character. - Treacle

10 You have to ridiculously rescue him in Mario Galaxy 1

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11 He is a douchebag in Mario Kart 8

The Luigi Death Star was taken waayy too far.

12 Luigi fanboys always bash on Mario just because Mario "treats" him badly

His fans are crazy but nicer than Daisy fans

Daisy's worse

13 Most of his fans take Game Theory's "Mario is Mental" video as fact

Which is stupid because they're all just little kids who aren't smart enough to think that it's just a theory. Oh and MatPat makes the problem worse. - DCfnaf

This video is a THEORY! I have to shove this down so many people's throats!

14 He's mostly nervous
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1. Without Mario, he wouldn't exist
2. Some users treat him like he's a god
3. In some games he is there for comic relief
1. Without Mario, he wouldn't exist
2. He is kind of a coward
3. You have to ridiculously rescue him in Mario Galaxy 1
1. Some users treat him like he's a god
2. He only helps Mario
3. He is kind of a coward


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