Top Ten Proofs Luigi Is an Overrated Video Game Character

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1 Some users treat him like he's a god

Did we really need a list to explain he's overrated? Isn't it already common sense - darthvadern

Luigi just steals Mario's credit. He's the sidekick, not some king or something.

Luigi is obviously no king, but calling him Mario's sidekick isn't giving him enough credit. Mario and Luigi work together as equals, and some games can be beaten as Luigi. - Treacle

We all know who that guy is. - Chaotixhero

Lemme guess who's treating him like that, Danteem. - Delgia2k

2 Without Mario, he wouldn't exist

Canonicaly, it's not the case. What I mean is that if we were in the Mario universe, it wouldn't be because of Mario that Luigi exist. The eight Yoshis of Yoshi's Island on the other hand... - Eclipsmon

People think he's better than Mario, but without Mario, he wouldn't exist. - Therandom

He can't be a better character than Mario dumbass. Without Mario, Super Mario Bros won't exist. Learn that dumbass - ZesaX

Luigi fans hate Mario non stop. But then they relize, without Mario, Luigi wouldn't exist. - nintendofan126

He started off as a pallet swap of Mario. No Mario, no Luigi.

3 He is afraid of ghosts

Thank you for remembering me why Luigi is better than Mario. Mario is a Gary Stu while Luigi actually have flaws that make you proud of him when he do something like overcoming his fear. - Eclipsmon

This is not a proof - darthvadern

Ghosts aren't even scary. - EpicJake

They're not even scary. - Therandom

4 In some games he is there for comic relief

Well, comic reliefs can be cool, Luigi is a good comics relief when he is one. - Eclipsmon

RPG's mainly - darthvadern

5 He only helps Mario

What about Luigi U? And how is it a bad thing? - Eclipsmon

He also saves Evershade Valley though - darthvadern

Mario always saves the day. - Therandom

6 He is kind of a coward

Well he is still very useful in some situations. - Eclipsmon

Not a reason to why he is overrated - darthvadern

Not anymore till the year of Luigi

He's still a coward...

7 He has very few games other than Luigi's Mansion that he stars in.

Isn't that a proof that he is underrated, actually?! - Eclipsmon

How does that make him overrated? - darthvadern

8 He is just like Mario

No. Their personalities are different. - Eclipsmon

That's actually false - darthvadern

They get the same power ups and whatnot. - Therandom

That's NOT TRUE! - Danteem

9 He is more well liked than Mario, the star of the franchise

With the exception of Wario, which was originally a side character before having its own series, none of the main characters were ever my favorite of a franchise. The side characters of the games are often way more interesting. Name a series, and I will tell at least two characters that I like more than the star. - Eclipsmon

Well he has more personality so there's that. Altho this is one of the few valid points here - darthvadern

Mario isn't entitled to be the most popular character just because he happens to be the most promoted character. - Treacle

10 You have to ridiculously rescue him in Mario Galaxy 1

You also save yourself as Luigi. What does that mean? - Eclipsmon

What does that have to do with him being overrated? - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 He is a douchebag in Mario Kart 8

Dude, that's a meme. - Eclipsmon

Um nope - darthvadern

The Luigi Death Star was taken waayy too far.

12 Luigi fanboys always bash on Mario just because Mario "treats" him badly

Sometime it's true that Luigi fans are like this. However, yes the Daisy fan base is worst. After all, they are the guys who thinks a girl is good just because she acts like a boy, and even then say she is tomboy just because nintendo said it so, even though she seems really happy to wear a dress. It's also the guys who likes a character that likes sports like most characters in her series, say that Wario wouldn't exist without her, even though they don't seem to care about Tatanga, a character which we could praise the exact same thing, and say that at least she was captured less often then Peach, even though the only reason she was captured more often is because we wanted to capture her more often which just means people find Peach more interesting. As for me, I was captured zero time. Does that mean I'm better than Daisy?

In case you didn't know, I don't like Daisy. - Eclipsmon

That is true - darthvadern

His fans are crazy but nicer than Daisy fans

Daisy's worse

13 Most of his fans take Game Theory's "Mario is Mental" video as fact

Mat Pat made a theory that because of Mr. L is the result of Luigi being hypnotize, and that you can't be hypnotize to do something you don't want to, that means Luigi is secretly evil. Why do Mat Pat's fans still like Luigi then? However, both videos are pretty bad honestly, so don't trust Mat Pat in those videos at least. - Eclipsmon

That's true - darthvadern

Which is stupid because they're all just little kids who aren't smart enough to think that it's just a theory. Oh and MatPat makes the problem worse. - DCfnaf

This video is a THEORY! I have to shove this down so many people's throats!

14 He's mostly nervous

Ok..., so? - darthvadern

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