Top 10 Proofs Metal Music is in a Very Good Condition in 2018

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1 Heavy Metal is at #1 on the list 'Top Ten Best Music Genres'

I think it has been at #1 for a long time - I'm sure it was at #1 in 2015 and 2016. - Metal_Treasure

Metal forever! - BorisRule

Hope voters will keep it first. - Userguy44

I did not know that

2 According to Spotify database, metal is one of the three genres that have benefited the most from the streaming era of music

Metal isn't a mainstream genre and Spotify explained why metal benefited the most:

"Metal is often ignored by terrestrial radio, but its success bucks almost every other trend.", Spotify said. "Back in the day, you could've been the most talented dude with the best songs, but if the gatekeepers didn't like you, you weren't going anywhere. Streaming has allowed people to come out, literally."

The Spotify report also mentioned that "The metal listener, they're much more of an active listener than a passive listener." - Metal_Treasure

Too many of these seem to involve the top tens where metal is unusually popular. Overall I think if you had more representative polls it would not fair as well. That is not to say that metal is not in a good condition but it is better to not use the top tens without considering whether it is really reflecting the population.

3 As of Dec 2018, there are 125,906 metal bands on Encyclopaedia Metallum

Many bands, a lot of variety. And this number does not include nu metal bands, rap metal bands, most of the alternative metal bands and most of the metalcore bands because they aren't considered metal. - Metal_Treasure

Update as of Dec 31, 2018: 126,073 bands.
And this number includes bands that already released something - at least a demo or EP, that contains metal. This number doesn't include formed metal bands without recorded metal material. - Metal_Treasure

Damn that's a lot

4 Metal is at #2 on the list 'Top Ten Music Genres That Teens Like'

Metal at #2, getting 13% of the votes, is really great. Rock is at #1 with 17% of the votes but rock includes many subgenres, even metal: classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, alternative rock, metal, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

5 Judas Priest Song 'Lightning Strike' is at #1 on the 'Best Songs of 2018' list.

That's how I got my name. It might not stay at number 1 for long but it deserves to be high on the list. - LightningStrike

6 Metal gods Judas Priest released their awesome album "Firepower"

Judas Priest were formed in 1969 and still going strong! - Metal_Treasure

Yeah! - LightningStrike

7 Heavy Metal is at #2 on the list 'Music Genres With the Most Intelligent Lyrics'

But Heavy Metal has a big chance to get to #1 because currently #1 Progressive rock, gets 16% of the votes, and Heavy Metal at #2 also gets 16% of the votes. - Metal_Treasure

8 Thrash Metal is at #6 on the list 'Top Ten Best Music Genres'

Thrash Metal was at #9 in 2016 so it gets higher on that list - from #9 to #6. And it's only a metal subgenre and not a whole genre like hard rock. - Metal_Treasure

9 Many new metal bands formed in 2018

Some of them may become the next favorites of the metal fans - Metal_Treasure

10 Thrash Metal is at #6 on the list 'Top Ten Music Genres That Teens Like'

It was at #6 in 2016, too. Maybe it was the same in 2017 but I don't remember. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Obscura released their awesome album "Diluvium"

Lists to check out if interested:

Top 10 Best Things About Obscura's Diluvium
Top 10 Songs On Obscura's Diluvium - Metal_Treasure

12 Several metal fans are doing a great job on TheTopTens to prove that metal stereotypes are wrong

Metal stereotypes... such as: "Metal is all about screaming", "Metal is satanic", "Metal doesn't take talent to play", "Metal is just noise", and so on. - Metal_Treasure

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