Top 10 Proofs that the Parappa the Rapper Video Game Series is Overrated

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1 As an actual rhythm GAME franchise, it's easily among the absolute weakest in the genre; its games are praised mainly for being cute, funny and innovative ones rather than actually polished and well-made ones
2 Um Jammer Lammy was a genderbent copy-and-paste spinoff that effortlessly managed to not only make the main series look like a joke but also invent Guitar Hero; meanwhile, Parappa STILL hogs all of the attention simply for being "the first"
3 The amount of actual content per game (about 90 minutes maximum, hugely including cutscenes) is downright pathetically lazy, especially with UJL and Parappa 2 shamelessly padding themselves out with forced replays

In total, not counting Cool Mode acquisitions:

UJL requires five of them for 100% completion

Parappa 2 requires about SEVEN of them - xandermartin98

4 It was the POPULARIZER of rhythm/music games, NOT the inventor; there is a major difference
5 Its praised-to-the-high-heavens soundtracks are composed entirely of hilariously BAD camp/cheesefests rather than actually good music (and yes, critics, the first game is EASILY the worst offender in this regard, as well as the worst game)

Yes, I know the campiness of the music was highly intentional and fit the style and atmosphere of the games extremely well, but still - xandermartin98

6 Name ONE reason Parappa and Lammy are loved so much as characters besides the former's quite plainly over-the-top cuteness and the latter's even more ridiculously over-the-top sex appeal (and cuteness)
7 Um Jammer Lammy was also literally the ONLY game out of the three to actually get the freestyling and line-response mechanics right, and even then, it was only in the main campaign
8 Parappa 2 was the only game of the series with an actually reliable note-hitting system, and yet all it ever really did for the game was make it stupidly easy as a result
9 Parappa got allowed into the Playstation All-Stars character roster while the considerably (even) more iconic Crash Bandicoot didn't
10 Just LOOK at the sheer size of its Tumblr community; in fact, the meme culture this series spawned is almost more entertaining than the actual games themselves

The Contenders

11 Lammy's Rule 34 page also arguably contains a more substantial amount of content than the actual game she's from
12 Parappa 1 was actually probably one of the most poorly dated Playstation 1 games ever; in fact, it even (almost) makes Final Fantasy VII look and feel non-antiquated by comparison
13 The best part hands-down of UJL and Parappa 2 was the cutscenes
14 The games are so hugely style-over-substance that it's even reflected in the art style, which Paper Mario would later go on to execute considerably better
15 People commonly charging outrageously expensive prices for the Parappa games, and even more ridiculously cheap ones for UJL
16 The franchise was considerably more effective as a merchandising tool than it was as an actual source of entertainment
17 Lammy is the only character in the series whose personality is actually properly developed, and she only starred in ONE hour-long game as opposed to Parappa's two and anime
18 The series' developer is so lazy that he not only forgot to give Parappa 2 a proper multiplayer mode but also forgot to give it a Lammy mode as well
19 The recent ginormous "revival of an icon" fuss being made about the series lately is revolving around a god-awful PSP-to-PS4 port of the first game that adds no improvements whatsoever
20 Fans often blatantly point out how especially needlessly broken and annoying the later stages of Parappa 1 and UJL can often get but act like it isn't a problem
21 The first and foremost reason people spread the word about these games (especially UJL) is primarily just to show off how weird they are, which can get old REALLY fast for the uninitiated
22 The unbelievably bad and frustrating AI in Um Jammer Lammy's multiplayer modes, which were actually REQUIRED for 100% game completion
23 The games simply cannot decide what actually IS good freestyling and what isn't
24 The art style often contradicts itself in unnecessary and idiotic ways in the later games
25 If you go almost ANYWHERE outside of TheTopTens, Parappa 1 is placed ridiculously high on almost every single list of the best Playstation 1 games
26 There is now an official PUNCH, KICK, IT'S ALL IN THE MIND sticker for the Dualshock 4
27 The series (with the possible exception of UJL) really isn't even anywhere near as weird as it's made out to be
28 The developer himself deliberately misnumbered Parappa 3 as Parappa 2 just to even further cover up UJL's existence
29 Dear god, the fanfiction and fanart (especially the shipping-related stuff) is amazingly cringy, especially for the time
30 Parappa 2 is the only game in the series that actually is funny for reasons BESIDES how weird and wacky it is
31 Lammy pron threads on 4chan
32 Lammy being ranked onto the top 40 of Hottest Video Game Women on TheTopTens
33 Milkcan's "Make It Sweet" album actually has its own full-fledged trope page on TV Tropes
34 People treating it as if it was on the level of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy if not quite possibly even higher
35 Both Vib-Ribbon and Gitaroo Man factually played vastly better AND more interestingly than any Parappa/Lammy game to date
36 It was actually one of the original furry-fandom religious cult games alongside Sonic, and was largely responsible for creating furry inflation fetishism in both fandoms once UJL rolled around
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