Top Ten Prophets from India

Powerful top Prophets from India Glorifying the Almighty Lord !!

The Top Ten

1 Pastor Abraham Charles Pastor Abraham Charles

He is the Mighty Man of God used powerfully across the World. He does great signs and wonders. - Revivalist

I hate India. They worship cows and statues, and that's just stupid. Pakistani people are WAY better than stupid Indians.

2 Prophet Pradeep Samuel Prophet Pradeep Samuel

Prophet Pradeep Samuel - the CEO and Founder of Eagles of Fire International Ministries is used mightily in Mumbai and many parts of India. He Glorifies God in many ways - Revivalist

3 Prophet Ezekiah Francis Prophet Ezekiah Francis

Prophet Ezekiah Francis from Berecha Ministries is used wonderfully across the Globe - Revivalist

4 Prophet Vincent Selvakumar Prophet Vincent Selvakumar

CEO and founder of Jesus ministries is a well known great prophet who shakes the world for God's Glory - Revivalist

Fake pastor

5 Evangelist Ram Babu Evangelist Ram Babu

Wonderful man of God with signs and wonders - Revivalist

Praise the Lord Anna, I am CH. Sudarsan Raju from Visakhapatnam, AP. I need prophesy regarding my Job and debts.
Ph. 09491171819.

6 Mohan C Lazarus Mohan C Lazarus

Powerful Man of God used wonderfully across the world and especially in tamilnadu - Revivalist

7 Rev Rajan Edward Rev Rajan Edward

Mind Blowing Man of God with super preaching gift and prophetic gifts - Revivalist

8 Rev Ratnam Paul Rev Ratnam Paul

Prophetic preacher with blessed gifts to glorify God. - Revivalist

9 Prophet Tijo Thomas

Prophetic navigator

10 Pastor Robin Almeida Pastor Robin Almeida

Wonderful Man of God with gifts of prophesy and healing - Revivalist

The Contenders

11 Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran

CEO of Jesus calls ministries is blessed with prophetic gifts to glorify God. - Revivalist

12 Apostle Ankur Narula

Great man of God

13 John Tharu
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