Top Ten Prophets from India

Powerful top Prophets from India Glorifying the Almighty Lord !!
The Top Ten
1 Pastor Abraham Charles

He is the Mighty Man of God used powerfully across the World. He does great signs and wonders.

God bless you pastor in building His kingdom on earth.

2 Prophet Ezekiah Francis

He is a true prophet of God. A man who walked with God diligently for more than 35 years of His life. A powerful preacher and teacher, raising a next generation army for God. A Humble man who leads you into the most powerful experience of the Holy Spirit God.

A Man filled with the word of God; A man filled the Spirit of God.

Prophet Ezekiah Francis from Berecha Ministries is used wonderfully across the Globe

3 Prophet Pradeep Samuel

Prophet Pradeep Samuel - the CEO and Founder of Eagles of Fire International Ministries is used mightily in Mumbai and many parts of India. He Glorifies God in many ways

4 Mohan C Lazarus

Powerful Man of God used wonderfully across the world and especially in tamilnadu

I love gods sons

Best servent of God

dedication in ministry

5 Evangelist Ram Babu

Wonderful man of God with signs and wonders

Wonderful man of god

6 Prophet Vincent Selvakumar

CEO and founder of Jesus ministries is a well known great prophet who shakes the world for God's Glory

7 Rev Rajan Edward

Mind Blowing Man of God with super preaching gift and prophetic gifts

8 Rev Ratnam Paul

Prophetic preacher with blessed gifts to glorify God.

9 Apostle Ankur Narula

Apostle Ankur Narula new
The best mentor and Anointed man of God with fire and Church is filled with fire and grace of the Lord.
Apostle Ankur narula is the biggest biggest blessing for me because he is the Real Man of God and also my Spiritual Father. It's a testimony for me.

Apostle Ankur narula is the biggest biggest blessing for me because he is the Real Man of God and also my Spiritual Father. It's a testimony for me.

I have no words for my father... he has changed my life... about everything... I love this ministry... May God bless this ministry like a fire of Jesus

Punjab is blessed only because of Apostle Ankur Narula ji. I have never seen this kind of huge congregation ever in Punjab. He is anointed Man of most high God

10 Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran

Praise the Lord.
first of all, as the Pastor (my self) it is not fair that we count or number the Servants of God-like politicians. 2nd who gave us the authority to do this job?.
Anyhow I like all but I watch many programs of Paul Dhina Karn he is the good guy.

CEO of Jesus calls ministries is blessed with prophetic gifts to glorify God.

Praise the lord. Jesus BLESS YOU Respected pastor.

Good ministries

The Contenders
11 Prophet Tijo Thomas

Really amazing prophices... God bless you prophet

Prophet of this century..

Prophetic navigator

12 Pastor Robin Almeida

Wonderful Man of God with gifts of prophesy and healing

Great man of God...

13 Prophet Bajinder Singh

No. 1 world Famous Prophet Bajinder Singh

Great man of god Prophet Bajinder singh

I have personally visited Prophet Bajinder Singh ministry.I have experienced.He is true man of God not only this He is very good prophet as well pastor.His ministry is growing rapidly.and also considered as First largest prophetic ministry with highest congregation gathering every Sunday.

He is a very close to Lord and every prophecy Blessed and awesome Prophet
God Bless Him

Pray my left hand not working in shoulder, elbow, wrist

Real man of God...

14 Pastor Shyam Kishore

He is a great man of god.. His ministry (jcnm) is a blessing to the nations... God blessed him vd great wisdom and revelations... My favorite

God called and blessed him with his spiritual revelations and gifts

A man of God appointed by Father. He is such a blessing to us.

He is a true man of God

15 John Tharu
16 Prophet Anil Kumar

Anointed Prophet and worship Leader of God.

17 Pastor Praveen Kumar

Mighty warrior of God. dooing ministry of God in Belampalli

18 Pastor Samuel
19 Pastor Ani George
20 Pastor Akash

He is a Anointed Prophet and worship Leader of God, doing ministry in different parts of India and abroad. God is using him mightly for His kingdom.
God has bleesed him with a wonderful gift of singing and playing musical instument.

21 Apostel Ankur Narula

The man of God ankur narula..he is great pastor... Very very greatest pastor.. India key no.. 1pastor hongey

May sapritual father god best anoitig

22 Raj Prakash Paul

Mighty man of God leading a life challenging to the present day generation.
Amazing Praise & Worship, Prayer and Word of God filled with the Spirit.

23 Pastor Damien Antony

A blessed person. Annointed.

24 Rev. Robin Joseph

Man of God with passion to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ...

25 Rev. Dr. Soundararaj

Powerful man of God using by God all over India, prophetic, anointed, healing ministries in Dindigul.

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