Best Prostitute Disfigurement Songs

okay you guys probably think I am really weird right know but this is actually a brutal death metal band and not about disfiguring prostitutes... I am going to leave it at that

The Top Ten

Torn in Bloated Form Torn in Bloated Form Cover Art
Glorify Through Cyanaide Glorify Through Cyanaide Cover Art
The Corpse Garden The Corpse Garden Cover Art
Victims of the Absurd Victims of the Absurd Cover Art
Freaking on the Mutilated Freaking on the Mutilated Cover Art
Cadaver Blow***
Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer
Storm of the Fiend Storm of the Fiend Cover Art
Insides to Expose Insides to Expose Cover Art
Crowned in Entrails Crowned in Entrails Cover Art
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