Top Ten Prototype Gaming Consoles of All Time

What it takes for a video game to be more entertainment?
We counting down with Top Ten Cancelled Gaming Console of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Atari Panther

Atari tried to make a 32 Bit console called Atari Panther but it decided to skip to 64-Bit

They should've made the Panther instead of the awful Jaguar

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Did you know someone found a real prototype of the SNES-CD? It's true. Imagine what would happen if Nintendo & Sony actually worked things out & the SNES-CD was release. The SNES-CD would be the Nintendo PlayStation & the Nintendo fans would live in peace & harmony with the PlayStation fans. Sadly, the SNES-CD is a cancelled console & we can hope that Nintendo & Sony will actually work together in today's generation. It would be cool if someone had a time machine so that they could travel back in time & have Nintendo & Sony on the same team.

Nintendo and Phillips collaborated to make a SNES CD add on but it was cancelled then Nintendo collaborated with Sony to make a CD add on but it was cancelled there are few prototype released

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3 Xbox Two

There is an XBOX 2 in the old years

4 Sega Neptune V 1 Comment
5 Atari 5100/Atari 5200 Jr.

This was the smaller version of the Atari 5200 but it was cancelled and you know how bad the Atari 5200 is?!

6 64DD
7 Red Jade

This was an attempt by Ericsson to release a handheld console and it was nearly advanced as the PS1 but sadly it was cancelled

8 Panasonic M2

It was intended as a sequel to the Panasonic 3DO but this one was advanced but sadly it was cancelled if this was released I would breaking my balls playing this

9 Atari 2700

This was Atari effort to make a good console as it features wireless controller but it had so many problem and Atari had no choice to cancel it but it would be cool if they release it

10 Sega VR

This was intended to compete with the Virtual Boy but it was cancelled

The Contenders

11 Atari Jaguar 2

Next one it's the Atari Jaguar 2, obviously a sequel to the Atari Jaguar but it was cancelled and it was unfinished but if it was released I would hate to see it

12 Magnavox Oddysey 3

This was a sequel to the Oddysey 2 but when the video game crash started the Oddysey 3 fades away

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