Top Ten Prototype Gaming Consoles of All Time

What it takes for a video game to be more entertainment?
We counting down with Top Ten Cancelled Gaming Console of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Atari Panther

Atari tried to make a 32 Bit console called Atari Panther but it decided to skip to 64-Bit

They should've made the Panther instead of the awful Jaguar



Did you know someone found a real prototype of the SNES-CD? It's true. Imagine what would happen if Nintendo & Sony actually worked things out & the SNES-CD was release. The SNES-CD would be the Nintendo PlayStation & the Nintendo fans would live in peace & harmony with the PlayStation fans. Sadly, the SNES-CD is a cancelled console & we can hope that Nintendo & Sony will actually work together in today's generation. It would be cool if someone had a time machine so that they could travel back in time & have Nintendo & Sony on the same team.

Nintendo and Phillips collaborated to make a SNES CD add on but it was cancelled then Nintendo collaborated with Sony to make a CD add on but it was cancelled there are few prototype released

The Super NES CD Add-on could later become PlayStation. - elsafan66

3 Sega Neptune


4 Xbox Two

There is an XBOX 2 in the old years

5 Atari 5100/Atari 5200 Jr.

This was the smaller version of the Atari 5200 but it was cancelled and you know how bad the Atari 5200 is?!

6 64DD
7 Atari 2700

This was Atari effort to make a good console as it features wireless controller but it had so many problem and Atari had no choice to cancel it but it would be cool if they release it

8 Panasonic M2

It was intended as a sequel to the Panasonic 3DO but this one was advanced but sadly it was cancelled if this was released I would breaking my balls playing this

9 Red Jade

This was an attempt by Ericsson to release a handheld console and it was nearly advanced as the PS1 but sadly it was cancelled

10 Atari Jaguar 2

Next one it's the Atari Jaguar 2, obviously a sequel to the Atari Jaguar but it was cancelled and it was unfinished but if it was released I would hate to see it

The Contenders

11 Sega VR

This was intended to compete with the Virtual Boy but it was cancelled

12 Magnavox Oddysey 3

This was a sequel to the Oddysey 2 but when the video game crash started the Oddysey 3 fades away

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