Top 10 Best Proud Family Episodes

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1 I Had a Dream
2 She's Got Game

A really great episode that centers on Penny wanting to join the boys football team but faces sexism from the team and the coach who refuses to let her be on the team because she's a girl despite proving that she is more than capable on being on the team, following a court order thanks to some help from Zoey's aunt she makes the team but the coach still refuses to let her play following

3 Forbidden Date
4 The Altos
5 Seven Days of Kwanzaa

The Proud Family invite a homeless family over for Christmas who turn out don't celebrate Christmas but instead celebrate Kwanza and decide to share the holiday with them and learn the true meaning of not only Christmas but Kwanza as well, and the twist ending is so bizarre when they go to see the family after Felix offers the dad a job when they get there they find a completely different family with the same exact names as the people from earlier who in the end turn out to be guardian angels.

6 Makeover
7 Who You Callin' a Sissy
8 A Hero for Halloween

In this Halloween special Penny ends up eating one of Oscar's Halloween snacks and ends up getting super powers and The Proud Family house turns out to be haunted by a vengeful spirit special guest appearance by Li'l Romeo.

9 Don't Leave Home Without It
10 Psycho Duck
The Contenders
11 Hip-Hop Helicopter
12 The Party
13 Behind Family Lines
14 Romeo Must Wed
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