Most Psychedelic Led Zeppelin Songs

They weren't a primarily psychedelic band, but some of their stuff has psychedelic elements that can be easily picked out.

The Top Ten Most Psychedelic Led Zeppelin Songs

1 No Quarter

It almost has a Pink Floyd vibe to it. - Metarock

2 Dazed and Confused
3 Whole Lotta Love

Mainly for the middle section - LizardKing99

4 Your Time Is Gonna Come
5 Black Mountain Side
6 How Many More Times
7 Immigrant Song
8 Down by the Seaside
9 In the Light
10 Nobody's Fault But Mine

The Contenders

11 Since I've Been Loving You
12 Ramble On

The Guitar solo in this song sounds pretty Psychedelic to me.

13 Moby Dick

Anything from the late 60s with an extended drum solo is almost always Psychedelic. This song is no exception.

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