Top Ten Punch-Out!! Wii Themes

Punch Out for the Wii has a lot of memorable tracks, which are great to listen to on their own. The fighter themes have become my particular favourite, each theme is a rendition of the same track but with a twist relaing to where the fighter comes from, it works surprisingly well. Anyway, let's count down the best of these.

KO! Let's win this fight with the Top Ten Punch-Out!! Wii Themes

The Top Ten

1 Soda Popinski Theme

This theme is frankly epic. It's so fitting to have the huge Russian character have this grand theme, it gives you chills. The backing choir and the loud instruments make this a memorable track and my favourite of the fighter themes. - DapperPickle

2 Von Kaiser Theme

Von Kaiser is my favourite Punch Out boxer, but even if I despised him this theme would keep its spot just for beign so grand and epic, very similar to the Soda Popinski one except...more German, I guess? - DapperPickle

3 World Circuit Theme
4 Minor Circuit Theme

This theme is just the classic Punch Out theme, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's quick and catchy and all of the other fighter themes are based on it. You know what they say, you can't beat the original. This great track is no exception. - DapperPickle

Eh? Eh? Vive la france.

5 Major Circuit Theme
6 Mr.Sandman Theme
7 Aran Ryan Theme

I love Aran Ryan, and Ireland (maybe not a certain toptenner who originates from Ireland though) and this theme is great. - DapperPickle

8 Bald Bull Theme
9 Great Tiger Theme
10 Bear Hugger Theme

The Contenders

11 Glass Joe Theme

It sounds a lot like a Pixar theme, but I like it. - DapperPickle

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1. Minor Circuit Theme
2. Soda Popinski Theme
3. Von Kaiser Theme
1. Soda Popinski Theme
2. Mr.Sandman Theme
3. Von Kaiser Theme


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