Top 10 Punjabi Singers of the 21st Century

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1 Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, music director, actor, video director and producer.

Babbu maan is 8th stranger in this world. He is a legend and he is all around ability celebrity in this era.. We salute his thinking

Babbu maan is a trendseter in punjab...
Chita chadra zypsy kalli

He is a greatest in singing in world

Babbu maan ni kese ne bann jana - Karanramgarhia

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2 Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Singh Dosanjh, is an Punjabi singer and film actor.

He is a great singer a great actor and has a great personality. He has beautiful voice. He sung a great songs with deep meanings songs like nanki the veer, main fan bhagat Singh the and other. We r lucky to have a singer like diljit in punjabi singer industry. I loved you I love you and I will always love you diljit. You are the best and one is like you. Because there is only one you out there. God bless you keep it up. Love you

He is great in singing.

He is a good singer

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3 Gippy Grewal Gippy Grewal Rupinder Singh Grewal, commonly known as Gippy Grewal, is a Punjabi actor, singer-songwriter and film director.

Gippy grewal is the best best best singer in the world

One of the best

Gippy grewal is the best best personality of punjabi industry and now gippy is a heart of industry

Gippy Grewal is to best singer and actor of universe and we all loves it very much

He is Best Actor of the Uiverse

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4 Honey Singh Honey Singh Hirdesh Singh, known by this professional name, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer and film actor.

Yo yo honey
We love your voice

Best rapper ever in the whole universe - sunnyLeone

Deserve First position

I love you yo yo honey singh awesome you are a great rapper just love and wish to meet you one day

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5 Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan is an Punjabi singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor. He is considered one of the most notable figures in the world of Punjabi music.

One of the sign of punjabi language

Proud of you

Gurdas Maan is one of the few singers who keep Punjabi culture and language alive. The new singers are shameless and making a big mistake by copying westerners. Copying some other culture isn't doing any positives for Punjab but it is making life worse.

Only one legend in punjabi industry

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6 Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann (Surinder Singh Mann) is a Punjabi Singer.

He has most beutiful voice that touch our heart

The 3 peg song is by sharry mann. I have listened to all of his songs.

One of the best voices 've ever heard.

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7 Amrinder Gill

I love his voice very much. He is the of all. He is the fast and last singer that I like

I like his voice so much. His songs touch the heart. So amazing Voice.

Amrinder gill best singer in world

Amrinder gill is best singer

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8 Imran Khan

Imran khan is the best singer ever he should win

He is awesome and only one Punjabi rapper in the whole world no doubt God bless you..

Best singer in d world.. Better than honey singh

Imran khan is the best punjabi rap singer, his songs have been loved worldwide and he has won hearts of millions

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9 Garry Sandhu

Garry Sandhu is an award-winning Punjabi singer currently active in the Bhangra scene.

He is not that nice but good out of these

I don't think garry sandhu is the best I just think he's th best out of these selections

Garry sandhu ghaint banda

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10 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

Very nice voice!

This is singer of the world

I love your voice atif your songs are so damn good to listen I really love it

Best singer in the world

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The Contenders

11 Harbhajan Maan

Very nice and true singer punjab
I m your fan I like you

Beautiful voice and best music

Great singer

His voice is like melody. He is the only singer in today's time who promote our punjabi culture, so may God bless him.

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12 Jassi Gill

You are the reason why I started listening to punjabi songs again! You came and changed the whole game! Love bapu zimidar, laden, range, teri je na hoyi, tamanna meri, saah, khet, ghagre di lawun, kede pind di, naina nu, pyar mera, mere layi, and all the others!

Jassi gill you are best!

Classy artist with beautiful voice. He is not only good on screen, but he is an equaly good artist on stage and in real life. Very honest and humble. Beautiful voice. Deep lyrics, fun attitude, and honest heart! Love you Jassi!

I think Jassi gill is first top singer

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13 Bilal Saeed

He is the most best singer in the world his song 12 sall really touch the heart

He is the best punjabi singer.

Bilal Saeed is the best singer in the world Bilal is very talented se we should all support our

Best singer in the world...

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14 Panjabi MC

He's a global icon and most popular punjabi artist worldwide. and still is the bestselling worldwide

Best By Far

Everyone has heard Panjabi MC's music. He's the most iconic Punjabi artist of this century. "Mundiyan to Bachke Raween"

My Siddharth Khurana sir mai bhi singer bna chahta hoo sir phone no 6391798121 mai achha singer hoo singer sir mai hogya to aap ka naam rosan kardu ga sir

15 Satinder Sartaaj

Sartaaj is always on top real punjabi singer

Sartaaj of punjab

Simply amazing sartaz


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16 Guru Randhawa

Love you r the best singer in the world listing your all songs every day

Best punjabi singer in the world

Very much much better And Best singer

Guru randhawa is a very good singer and I love him very much I loved his all songs from the deep heart I loved him I am the biggest fan of him and he is a very much good singer and songwriter. And many blessings from me and try to make your songs very much best. Thank you.

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17 Jazzy B

He is the trendsetter the game changer in punjabi music industry! He make punjabi music popular at international level

Nice singer

Jazzy B is a good singer

Jaswinder Singh Bains, more popularly known as Jazzy B, is a Punjabi language bhangra singer-songwriter.

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18 Kamal Heer

Kamaljeet Singh Heer aka Kamal Heer is a Punjabi musician.

Best singer ever.

He Is the True Legend

Nice togther singing good of you your brothers too god blees I want to meet you your brothers too ihope we are meeting in India

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19 Falak Shabir

He is the number 1 Singer of world great voice

He is the best and father of honey singh

Bilal saeed, honey singh, imran khan, bilal khan, falak shabir all are equal in there voice but A-STAR can copy the voice of them and match with the voice match app

I am your big fan. I love your songs

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20 Bohemia

Shahzada veer

One of the best punjabi rapper in the world...

I was expecting him at 1st spot... I think so different den others

Best ever

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21 Kulbir Jhinjer

One of the singers you could listen anytime to. Most Soulful voice in the industry.

Best jatt punjabi singer.. Rocked the Punjabi singing only in one album.. He will be the topmost Punjabi singer in future carry on bro..

Tarsem jassar and Kulbir jhinjer set another platform for him

You are the best singer of Punjab

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22 Ammy Virk

Amazing songs

He should be in top 5 at least

Very sweet voice.Sing so amazing

No one could ever take place of Ammy...! For me he is at 1st position

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23 Sukshinder Shinda



24 Ranjit Bawa

Very handsome man he is a very fine actor also

Best voice

When it comes to singing then no one can compete him...
Being a best vocalist of the industry he is one of the best actor too.

Best singer

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25 Mankirt Aulakh

Very handsome and good looking and nice singer

Mankirt Aulakh should be on...Top First...
Best Punjabi singer who deserves top first place
... Mankirt Aulakh is Best Best Best...

He should be at top 3 his songs touch our hearts and he is bomb singer love you so much mankirt bhai

21st century singer

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26 Miss Pooja

Brilliant singer

She is amazing

Best among rest

I like your song

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27 Sippy Gill

Great voice and great personality

Best singer of the world

"Sippy Gill" is best singer in the world

Love you bro

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28 Babbal Rai

He is best singer in the whole world

Hello you are very handsome singer

He is great. I like to listen all songs specially tera naam and taur

Songs on over attitude girls loved his songs, simply the best

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29 Prabh Gill


His voice... you will get lost...

He is my favorite singer

Your voice is like a magically touch to the soul

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30 Veet Baljit

Best singer in world

Best singer and lyrist in world

Best song writer desi

He is best best best best best singer of the world

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31 Ninja

Best in the world

One of the best singers in punjabi music industry. Listening to him live is a delight.

Best Singer In The World

The feel u have in your songs, nobody match your level...

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32 Kanwar Grewal

He very good singer I like it

This one is best of the best

Kanwar grewal is always best... In punbaj And India

Kanwer grewal is best in not punjab in all world

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33 Debi Makhsoospuri

From the beginning Debi makhsoospuri has different thoughts from all other singers. He never works for profit and trending nature. He just experiment his talent every time n never repeat the subject, who write or sing his own lyrics and give his own music etc

End of singing and writing

In simple words we can say

He is the best... He never work for Money, Never give wrong or bad statements for publicity,He do his work from the heart, If you listen him you will feel like that this one is really for me..

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34 Mickey Singh

He is the best singer, singing in three languages ie. Hindi, English and Punjabi.

The new generation star has everything in his Arsenal to be the number one pop singer. Bow down to the new king of pop and Punjabi music

Hottest punjabi singer out there!

Best singer out there

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35 Kamal Raja

Amazing singer

Amazing singer

I think he should be no 3 no1 imran and bohemia and then kamal raja

The beast of music industry ❤️

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36 Kaur B

Good singer and best singer

She is best in female and in male babbu maan is best

Best singer of the World

Kaur b is a awesome singer. Her best duet is classmate and single is kaurizm.

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37 Rupinder Handa

She's really good Punjabi singer

38 Hardy Sandhu

Hardy can't be at 38 he's my favorite Punjabi singer. His song kya bat at is most famous punjabi song

Very good singer

My best singer is you

Hardy should boo on1

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39 Akhil Punjabi

I want him @top 10

Love you akhil you are the best

I think he deserve no. 1 rank

You are my favorite singer

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40 Babbu Mann

Ustaad maan saab

Mera 22 babbu maan the best singer

I love babbu maan

Mera vote babbu mann sahab ko

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41 Millen Gabba

He is best singer

Its not millen Gabba it's millind Gaba

I love him very much. He is the best singer ever.

He is the best singer ever and he is very cute.

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42 A-Kay


He bamb vocal.

He is super and best singer in the world brown brown brown go go go go

Young singer and good voice

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43 Kulwinder Billa

Best singer because of his voice

Nice singer

Veery good singer and actor and eyes color excellent

He is very good singer.his songs are very real almost everybody's Biography

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44 Amrit Maan

Your song MITHI MITHI I like this song

An awesome singer

Best of all

Amrit Maan new Punjabi song colour Brown

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45 Sukhe

Best singer

Sukh-e is my favourite

I love you sukhe

His song All Black were a great success. I hope that his all songs were going to a great success.

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46 Dilpreet Dhillon

He has a dabang voice.

Best top 1 singer

His songs are the best and so his he

He is best singer and dilpreet dhillon all songs are best he is my favourite singer

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47 Gpreet Khant

Very nice song

He is very good singer.. we like his voice...

We like his sweet voice

I can say he is new Pride of KHANT after babbu maan

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48 Preet Harpal

It so nice singer

He is best singer in the world

Best songs collection

He is a great singer

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49 Raftaar

Raftaar is best rapper

RAFTAAR as a top rapper

I hate your face...

You are the best!

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50 Kanth Kaler

I love his voice. He is number one singer of sad songs.

He has a magical voice and the king of sad songs. He also has a very good heart.

He is very kind person. I love him voice. Really he is the king of sad songs

Really excellent voice.. I love him a lot. He is always singing from heart. I like his all songs. Kanth kaler is the bonger singer. He is the king of sad songs. For me only one priority in sad songs. That is kanth kaler

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