Top 10 Punjabi Singers of the 21st Century

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21 Sippy Gill

"Sippy Gill" is best singer in the world

Sippy is very good singer and actor I like sippy gill'$ hobbies like pets etc. I likesippy songs very much sippy gill village is rauli and sippy is very simple person. sippy is very frank with every one

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22 Ranjit Bawa

From the beginning Ranjit Bawa has different thoughts from all other singers. He never works for profit and trending nature. He just experiment his talent every time n never repeat the subject...

Babbu maan should be at your place and u at his place

He is only singer which has real talent of giving live performance with full energy and confidence

At 22? Are you serious people? Let's vote for him

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23 Veet Baljit

Best singer and lyrist in world

He is best best best best best singer of the world

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24 Kamal Heer

Nice togther singing good of you your brothers too god blees I want to meet you your brothers too ihope we are meeting in India

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25 Miss Pooja

Miss pooja Punjabi super star. very good singer in word. Star Punjab ki

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26 Kanwar Grewal

He very good singer I like it

Kanwar grewal is always best... In punbaj And India

Kanwer grewal is best in not punjab in all world

Knwar is the best

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27 Prabh Gill

Your voice is like a magically touch to the soul

I really love that song mere kola

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28 Rupinder Handa

She's really good Punjabi singer

29 Kaur B

She is best in female and in male babbu maan is best

Kaur b is a awesome singer. Her best duet is classmate and single is kaurizm.

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30 Sukshinder Shinda
31 Babbal Rai

He is great. I like to listen all songs specially tera naam and taur

He is best singer and his voice is too melody and only one singer I like he should be in top 10 singers list...

Songs on over attitude girls loved his songs, simply the best

You are the reason why I am started listening punjabi song. And yor story and hard work really inspired me. Love you sir. May you reach the peak of success.

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32 Mickey Singh

Hottest punjabi singer out there!

Best singer out there

This guy has got great voice and cool looks

I love phone

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33 Debi Makhsoospuri

From the beginning Debi makhsoospuri has different thoughts from all other singers. He never works for profit and trending nature. He just experiment his talent every time n never repeat the subject, who write or sing his own lyrics and give his own music etc

He is the best... He never work for Money, Never give wrong or bad statements for publicity,He do his work from the heart, If you listen him you will feel like that this one is really for me..

He is a great. I listen all live, this singer good messege in the live salaam zindgi.

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34 Ninja

Ninja is the best actor and singer because when he singing a song he sang very deeply and one more thing I like their style

I like ninja very much because he sing song very beautifully

Ninja is very talented singer with sweet voice and he has very much knowledge about music

Ninja is best singer he sing very very good

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35 Kamal Raja

Blast bad boy, uff, L.A.M, beat drops, 3 saal, no clue and Challi ja in your car or proper bass sound system and you feel like your in heaven. Under rated singer with top looks, top body and heavy tunes. My role model

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36 Jassi Jasraj

From the beginning jassi Jasraj has different thoughts from all other singers. He never works for profit and trending nature. He just experiment his talent every time n never repeat the subject. And good movie viker bai senti mentel.

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37 Babbu Mann

Babbu maan is best singer in Punjab

Babbu maan Saab is the best singer

Babbu Maan Is a best artist in this all world "rahe Khant wala maan mera vasda"

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38 Gpreet Khant

I can say he is new Pride of KHANT after babbu maan

I can say he pride of Khant after Babbu maan

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39 A-Kay

He is super and best singer in the world brown brown brown go go go go

Young singer and good voice

I love lanka your new track

A-KAY is the best singer in the world
No body can sing like A-KAY
Brown Boi
Munda I phone wargha
Naa Balliey
Kaa Bolley Banere Tey
Girl Ok
Red Eyes
Kuriyan Ya Maape
Lost Life
Tutti Yari
Change Time Att
Nobody else in the world can sing these songs
Love you A-KAY
Full support from me

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40 Mankirt Aulakh

Very handsome and good looking and nice singer

Your voice is sweet

Super singer

Good looking

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