Top 10 Punjabi Singers of the 21st Century

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41 A-Kay

He is super and best singer in the world brown brown brown go go go go

Young singer and good voice

I love lanka your new track

A-KAY is the best singer in the world
No body can sing like A-KAY
Brown Boi
Munda I phone wargha
Naa Balliey
Kaa Bolley Banere Tey
Girl Ok
Red Eyes
Kuriyan Ya Maape
Lost Life
Tutti Yari
Change Time Att
Nobody else in the world can sing these songs
Love you A-KAY
Full support from me

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42 Akhil Punjabi

I am excited for your upcoming song...

I wish you are reach number 1 position in the world.

One of the best voice in the world...

You are one of my favorite singer I love you khaab is awesome my god bless u for upcoming tracks

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43 Guru Randhawa

Love you r the best singer in the world listing your all songs every day

Very much much better And Best singer

Best punjabi singer in the world

He is best forever

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44 Millen Gabba

I love him very much. He is the best singer ever.

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45 Amrit Maan

Amrit maan is the best singer ever

He is the best writer as well as singer

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46 Hardy Sandhu

Best singer... Deep meaningful voice

Best singer with romantic songs!

Good vocie songs videos hardwork best of luck sing songs I really love from you all on bday thanks

He is one of the best singer in today's time. he is Best singer with melodious voice. His acting is excellent and specially his video. You would often like to watch his video. not only the song.

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47 Sukhe

His song All Black were a great success. I hope that his all songs were going to a great success.

You are my ideal I love your all songs and your sad song is very good

Hi I am Neha.
I wish you were my brother sukhe
I love you sukhe.
I like you very much
A boy who likes me was play your song All Black to propose me.

You are best

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48 Dilpreet Dhillon

His songs are the best and so his he

He is the best singer ever I love his album 8 kartoos it is really good

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49 Preet Harpal V 7 Comments
50 Raftaar

Raftaar is best rapper

RAFTAAR as a top rapper

I hate your face...

You are the best!

V 7 Comments
51 Badshah

The most wonderful rapper
He has a seductive voice
After Eminem he is the most wonderful rapper

V 7 Comments
52 Jordan Sandhu

His songs are awesome and so his he

Smarty boy young & very talented

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53 Roshan Prince

Roshan sir is best singer. He is not only best singer but also best person.

Best singer! Everyone likes his songs. so great man!

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54 Master Saleem

I don't know why the hell he was not in the list but I hope to see him on the top... In my perspective he is the best in this era...

He is also one of the best singer, but is not in the top rank which is stunning. You should be in the top ten.

Oh... Man... The best versatile and direct godly voice he has... Very jolly and folk singer.

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55 Happy Raikoti

He is great singer. I like his songs..

He is the best writer of Punjabi songs.
His voice is superb.
He is one of the best man

Best lyricist and voice is also superb

U r my favourite singer I love yu

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56 Ravinder Grewal V 1 Comment
57 Lakhwinder Wadali

Very melody singer for folk Punjab' sufi song and all over is perfect

He is very good cultural singer and Sufi singing style is very good today's number 1 singer as per singing

He is very good cultural singer and Sufi singing style is very good today's number 1 singer as per singing

Great singer

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58 Mehtab Virk

He is a new upcoming singer please vote for him

My favorite because me look like me

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59 Kanth Kaler

He has a magical voice and the king of sad songs. He also has a very good heart.

He is very kind person. I love him voice. Really he is the king of sad songs

Really excellent voice.. I love him a lot. He is always singing from heart. I like his all songs. Kanth kaler is the bonger singer. He is the king of sad songs. For me only one priority in sad songs. That is kanth kaler

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60 J Star

His is a good singer in the India very very nice song

He is great singer for love birds

I like all the songs verygood please on my bday thanks goodluck all of you let me tell of you my samrjit sandhu from usa and big crazy fan of all of you sporting foever

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