Top 10 Punjabi Singers of the 21st Century

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61 Manmohan Waris

So good singer

Monmohan waris song

62 Lakhwinder Wadali

Very good singer and nice man

The true punjabi singer

I like your songs

Should be in the top ten

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63 J Star

His is a good singer in the India very very nice song

He is great singer for love birds

I like all the songs verygood please on my bday thanks goodluck all of you let me tell of you my samrjit sandhu from usa and big crazy fan of all of you sporting foever

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64 Amar Sajaalpuri

Awesome singer great you

Amar sajalpuria is very nice singer

Vadia singer

Bhut vadia likhda a bai love you bhaji

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65 Yuvraj Hans

His voice is majestic I mean he is the one whose songs I trust upon I don't have to even once check has he sung well I just download his each and every song.

He is one of the best singer in our industry

I love your movie msr &ms 420

Love you yuvi you are the best I love your all songs and movies especially Sufi sufi and Mr and Mrs have done a great work in it.for me you are the number 1

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66 Anmol Gagan Maan

She is the best female singer because she actually know what a Punjabi girl is and she had real Punjabi accent.

Very good singer

Awesome beauty


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67 Hardeep Grewal

He is my favorite singer

Best n Best Voice Ever

Good singer

68 A-J Sohal

He has ultimate knowledge of music.. One day he will overtake yo yo honey singh :)))

He is great music producer, singer, Actor and Rapper

His umar lag jaye is one of my favorite

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69 Harman




Nice singer

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70 Alfaaz

Good songs great voice ever sing on bday its coming up all of you coming in school please thanks my sporting will be with all of you forever great day best of luck


so cute

Hey! How cn you e1 forget him.. didn't listn his 'Haye mera dil', 'bebo', 'fantasy', etc.. He should b in top 10

71 Ranjit Rana V 4 Comments
72 Gippy Bajwa
73 Jaz Dhami V 2 Comments
74 Raman Bains

Great singer. He will be one of the biggest singers in Punjab one day. Awesome voice and great style.

The NEWEST star in Punjab with great voice and style. We all loved his albums JAAN and Rehmatan Teriyan. With his unique voice, talant and charm, he is very handsome. He is the future musical icon in the Punjab music industry. We wish him best of luck. Keep it up Raman Bains we love your voice and your music. You are very popular not only in Punjab but abroad to with your diffrent and unique style. The best singers have their own style and you are one of them.

75 Indeep Bakshi
76 Vinaypal Buttar

Atty lo

77 Pav Dharia

Pav Dharia's song really refresh the mind. His every next song gives something a stunning to our ears. He has the ability to play many musical instruments.

Hi should be on the top because his voice was to good no one sings like him...

He is very good singer and music director


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78 Jenny Johal

Her songs are good

Its okk but not so good as jassi gill and yuvraj Hans

79 Harry Dhanoa
80 Gora Singh

His a awesome singing his avery good singer and 2014 album very very very best and good
His is aone don't last

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