Top 10 Punjabi Singers of the 21st Century

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81 Geeta Zaildar

Hi my hero when younare songs coming I want to meet all of you on my bday don't forget thanks have great day

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82 Sarbjit Cheema

When are doing movies songs I'm fan of all of you singers actors best of luck have great don't forget mybday all of you ok april23rd coming up

83 Pavvan Singh

New coming out singer, check out his song "Look"

84 G Sharmilla

Dr zeus singer.. Folk king superb voice

85 Ranjit Tapiala
86 Nafees

This guy should be in the top 10, his style of music is so unique and he will never fail to impress!

I don't understand what he's does at 80th place

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87 Raqib Rock V 1 Comment
88 Kaptan Laadi

He is a great singer a great Performer and has a great personality. He has beautiful voice. He sung a great songs with deep meanings songs like Nakhra, Pag the and other. We r lucky to have a singer like Kaptan in punjabi singer industry. I love you and I will always love you Kaptan. You are the best and one is like you. Because there is only one you out there. God bless you keep it up. Love you

89 Nishawn Bhullar

Good songs nice voice god bless coming up to school sing my bday favorite songs

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90 Amad King
91 Tiger Jatt
92 Inder Brar
93 Navraj Hans

Good morning my hero good songs acting good luck come upmto my bday sing songs too best of luck

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94 Aditya Singh
95 Soni Pabla

One of the best I've seen and heard... Soni Pabla would be the best if he was alive right now... RIP Soni Pabla We All Miss You

RIP late sh soni pabla ji. He was a gift of God to the Punjabi music. His voice was simply the best..

96 Kamboj Chetan
97 Indeep Bakshi
98 Vinaypal Buttar
99 Pav Dharia

Pav Dharia's song really refresh the mind. His every next song gives something a stunning to our ears. He has the ability to play many musical instruments.

Hi should be on the top because his voice was to good no one sings like him...

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100 Miss Neetu V 2 Comments
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