Top 10 Punjabi Singers of All Time

We have seen a huge evolution in today's Punjabi music industry, where we can see that the major part of the industry is filled with some young big shots as well as some imposters. Well, what is your favorite all time Punjabi singer?

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1 Babbu Mann

Babbu maan is best. He writes his own lyrics. He is the only singer who takes stand for the truth. He has the guts to speak truth.

Babbu Mann is Best. He is own writer of his lyrics, He sings all time HITS

Babbu Maan is the best ever in history of Punjabi music industry. He is the only singer who has the courage to speak truth. He always present real picture of rural Punjab.

God of Punjabi Music Industry

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2 Amrinder Gill

Amrinder gill is best he should be number 1

You are really cool

He is the best and awesome


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3 Gippy Grewal Gippy Grewal Rupinder Singh Grewal, commonly known as Gippy Grewal, is a Punjabi actor, singer-songwriter and film director.

His all song is super duper hit he is best singer in punjab this time he is most popular in the world

Awesome singer. He has good looking personality.i love him. I am fan of gippy. He is a handsome guy. I like him. His voice is so beautiful like him. I want to meet gippy grewal in my life, he is my rockstar and my dream hero. I love you and I like you really. Saini

This list is meaningless, undoubtly GIPPY GREWAL is moet rocking singer of all time

You're the best singer love you😍gippy

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4 Diljit Dosanjh

I think he should be at top superb singer with fantastic voice stupendafantabulous look he is my all time favourite. He deserves no. 1 position amongst all the singers. Keep it up dude I love his each and every song

Best Punjabi singer ever to be born! He struggled to climb the success ladder, and now, he's at the top. All of his songs are very popular and are super hits. I listen to every single Diljit song out there, I also watch all of his movies, and he is superb at acting! Even my white friends sing Jatt Fire Karda! LOVE YOU DILJIT!

Best punjabi singer world has ever get is diljit
Singh is king

No doubt, Diljit dosanjh is not only best Punjabi singer, he is best Punjabi actor too. He is most talented guy who have so many good qualities. Good luck Diljit my bro...

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5 Honey Singh Honey Singh Hirdesh Singh, known by this professional name, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer and film actor.

Honey singh is an awesome rapper his style is amazing and I like his dressing sense also. My favourate rap is of yaar bathere. He sings so fast and is best when you watch his song and relate with others please! Vote him, he is awesome

Honey singh should be at top!

Yeah yo yo honey sngh is the real rap star

Honey Singh is best coming in number one singer and repper in india and earth

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6 Gurdas Mann

Gurdas maan is the living legend. His songs are near to god. His voice and stqge performance is best. I salute him and pray for his long life

Gurdass mann is only one of the punjabi music industries. His songs direct touch to heart.

He is the wall of punjabi music... Nothing can be written to describe this personality.. We all know who he is.. And what he capable of doing...

Voice of Gold

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7 Jassi Gill

Jassi is really good at what he does! What I love about him is that he is very honest as an artist. He always shows his fans respect. The way he bows on the stage before starting his performance really touches our hearts! I wish you always stay the way you are. May no nothing or no one ever steal your smile! You are one of the best singers and you will go a long way! I love the types of songs you sing and your videos and your movies and your performances and EVERYTHING ELSE! Love Love Love you! You are unique and you are a very special artist! Never change!

My favorite singer is jassi gill

He is cool and the greatest singer that punjabi industry can ever have.. his voice is clear and sensational

World best singer
jassi gill

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8 Jazzy B

He is the best Punjabi Singer.. His Lyrics are Superior and are in Pure PUNJABI. Unlike other contemporary Artist Like (Imran Khan)

The best punjabi singer of all time... He is just awesome! - Aamirmalik

He is number 1 he is versatile singer always doing great song pure punjabi singer and awesome

Jazzy panjabe sad song

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9 Surjit Bindrakhia

He is the best singer of all time

His voice can be easily recognized amongst thousands. He clearly distinguishes himself from others

He was a good singer

My favourite

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10 Ammy Virk

He is just the best... No one can beat him.. I just love his songs

Best singer ever

He is my favourite singer in the world

Good singer...

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The Contenders

11 Kuldip Manak

Best ever, no one will even be close to him as regard punjabi music and singing part from some classical singers. Shame on singers and people who even believe that there is anyone even close. This is not about popularity, its about punjabi singing at its best, not dancing. He was god gifted unique no one singer will deny this. Best duet singer ever Amar Singh Chamkila. The rest are just shadows of the two. Best singer today Master Saleem. I Believe lots of good singers (Hans Raj hans, Sardool) have stop singing or recording because of not making money.

My favourite singer all time my name is kuldeep singh

Simply the greatest voice ever!

He is th ebest

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12 Kaur B

You are my favourite kaur b and I like all your songs and I am a fan of u

Need to level up but love your songs

New Songs Fulkari good and best dancing

Your voic is very preety

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13 Gurdas Maan

His singing is awesome and his every word has a truthful meaning.

Gurna maan was a very good singer he was a so surely. Singer

number 1

Koi elfaj nahi maan sab de sift nu rab kare meri ve umar lag jawe ess rab warge roh nu

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14 Garry Sandhu

I like your songs and I love you. You r my rockstar

I like your songs

Garry please back with bang

Garry sandhu world best singer
I am big fan NsGovind Meena

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15 Chamkila

Chamkila is on 1st position of all singers

The epitome of punjabi folk, took lyricism to the next level and spoke about many things

He is actually the best because no one can wrote the lyrics as he can


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16 Sharry Mann

I like his songs and his voice too.

I like his melodious voice and his high vocal and style of singing like 90's singers and lyrics referring to common people... But I dislike his name sharry...

I like his songs and voice

I Just love him and his voice too. I'm deeply in love with him

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17 Harbhajan Maan

He's best romantic singer

Harbhajan good singer. I love maan

No words to tell

Best romatic singer.his songs shows alwyas punjabi culture.he is the owner of sweet natural voic.

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18 Imran Khan

He is just a fab singer he should be at top

Imran khan a very good singer I like it

Easily the best, but over here is Indian dominated because Indians are voting

I like imran khan and imran khan is a good singer

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19 Hardy Sandhu

His voice is very sweet

Your song r heart touching and I love you

Very best punjabi singer

Love his songs.

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20 Bohemia

He is already on 1st place on rapper... Performed more than 80 raps... & has sung 1 song named Janne jaana

Great Rapper and now he Has made his Debut as a singer in his Song 'Rooh'

Superb! Voice Amazing

Awesome Rapper..! Pioneer of punjabi rap!

I think you are not better like jassi gill and etc etc but you can do better if you struggle

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21 Manmohan Waris

Vere good voice... Nice collection of every song...

He is a nice singer - 634536

Best singer in Punjab down to earth

What a voice!

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22 Debi Makhsoospuri

Best singer best lyricist

Best shayar and singer

Best writer and best sad song singer

All time best

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23 Yamla Jatt

All sons list yamla jatt

How could anyone even forget the name of Yamla Jatt when it comes to Punjabi singers?

He is always the best.

Yes he was the best

24 Sukshinder Shinda

He is the music man, he is a singer he is the best music director n last but not the least he is the real LEGEND

He is like a best singer in the world if he works more hard then he can come in top10 or at top5 and his voice is super he is a REAL LEGEND

His songs will always freshen the mind of people, not only punjabies but all over the world

25 Babbal Rai

His most of the songs were against the over attitude girls

Love his style and personality! His songs are superb and his singing quality is awesome. He is a great example of a true artist. I admire and respect his friendship with Jassi and Prabh. He is definitely a star and artist no one can ever replace. Love you Babbal Rai! Keep up the hard work. Your fans will always support you! :) Always remember that you have touched your fans' hearts and that they will never leave you! All the best!

One of the best vocal in punjab

Love uu babbal rai...uu rr grt...god bless uu

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26 Satinder Sartaj

Satinder sartaj you a very good singer

He is my favourite - harbhajan

He is the best singer in the universe. Love you sir

When considering music, Satinder Sartaaj deserves to be in the top 3. He is one of the rare gem who is carrying forward the punjabi culture. His lyrics are extraordinary and has a god-gifted voice. Out of the top 10 in this list only Babbu Maan, Gurdaas Maan and Surjit Bindrakhia deserves to be in the top 10 list.

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27 Guru Randhawa

I like your all songs I just love you you are my rockstar guru is fab singer he really deservs to be on the top

You are the number 1 guru

Excellent singer

punjabi singer
high rated


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28 Roshan Prince

He deserves all the praise he can get. He has very popular songs to his name. He is a very good artist whether it is in the field of singing or acting. He puts in a lot of hard work and it shows. He is a true artist as he is always encouraging young talent. Keep up the hard work! Your fans love you!

He is nice boy and best singer.

He the best singer actor and a performer in punjabi industry

You are very good singer

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29 A Kay

Great song ever heard from him... But if yo yo and a kay songs for the same song, then that song might take lead from all the superb songs

He is younger and will enter top 10 for sure

Sir you are the best that's I know and I know one day you will become not only punjabi rockstar but Indian rock star

Best one among all punjabi singers and has power to win many hearts through live singing. U r the Upcoming legend A-Kay bro.

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30 Kulwinder Billa

Billa sir's songs try to remembered that things that sometime happened with us,the lyrics that they used to sung always remain close to that old days memories...I like there work I will always support them for there good work (singing)

Kulwinder billa is good.

His songs is very nice


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31 Alam Lohar

Should be on no#. 1

- The Greatest if your honest and know music! dominated Punjabi world singing for 50 years

Alam sahib is king of singers

The Greatest of all!

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32 Malkit Singh

His songs can be listen in family.

Punjabi industry da rajja

33 Hans Raj Hans

WHY is he missing form the list so long. Who else have capability of his class?

Lovely singer and a great person...

Is the best Punjabi singer.

34 Sunny Leone Sunny Leone Karenjit Kaur Vohra, better known by her stage name 'Sunny Leone', is a Canadian Bollywood actress and model, and former pornstar. She was born on May 13th, 1981 in Sarnia Ontario, Canada.

Not Punjabi I think

You are the best

sex bomb

Sexy lady

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35 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a Pakistani vocalist, primarily a singer of Qawwali, the devotional music of the Sufis. Widely considered one of the greatest voices ever recorded, he possessed an extraordinary range of vocal abilities and could perform at a high level of intensity for several hours.

He must be on the top. Number one. Whoever made this list does he even know the real meaning of music and singing. Putting vulgar singer Babbu Maan as number 1 and nusrat at this number is just shame and unfair.

The best, The king & The legend

What a biggest joke at this pool. No one can beat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan when it comes at sufi music. Sad to see he is at the bottom due to his nationality (Pakistani).

number 1

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36 Reshma

Been a v. good singer.

37 Mankirt Aulakh

Mankirt bai should be at the top of all

You are my best singer

He is the att singer

He should be on top #1

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38 Ninja

He is very good singer I like you

His attitude love it

Me and my brother like your all songs and also love you.

Best ♥

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39 Bilal Saeed

He is a very very awesome singer..

He is best singer song song for is love

I Love You Bilal Saeed You Are Best. You Should be On The Top

Bilal personalty is awesome

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40 Kaler Kanth

He deserves to be in the list of the top singers of this generation. He has sung some of the most meaningful and deepest songs. His voice is of course a talent of its own. Keep up the hard work! Your fans love you!

He is fantastic and honest singer

He is my best best song tere bin, pardesh, I thing many many song I can't forget best of luck thanks

End singer..craaa

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41 Miss Pooja

I really hate miss pooja in all Punjabi industry

I hate miss puja

Your voice is great

Bad songs you sing,s

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42 Ranjit Bawa

What why I find ranjit bawa so below. He is all time best and great singer I have ever seen. In my point of view he should be on the list of top 10 or top 15 at least.

He is good singer

Now ranjit bawa is best singer in punjabi music indsutries

Super... Singer

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43 Sippy Gill

My fvrt... Fantastic in singing as well as acting...

It is rock singer

Sippy gill is my favourite singer. I love you sippy g

44 Kulwinder Dhillon

One of an ace singer of all time.. Lyrics at its best

He was good singer

45 Preet Harpal

He is very nice singer

He sings very well

46 Balkar Sidhu
47 Babbu Maan

Babbu maan legend - Karanramgarhia

Babbu mann always att


48 Sukhe

Very best singer

:-* best singer

Your hairstyle is my favourite...

Your voice is so bad

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49 Gagan Kokri

Gagan kokri is the best.

You are the best singer in singing industry. I licen your new song is best. I love you very much.

Nyc singer

Your r the Best Singer and Great Person 😍

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50 Surinder Shinda

You are best singer in the world

You are my favorite singer

Shinda g a great singer

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