The Clash

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The Clash were an English punk rock band that formed in 1976 as part of the original wave of British punk.


PagePlant just said exactly what I was going to type so... You know.
-Green Day haven't been punk since Nimrod. I like green day, but not punk.
-I guess Blink-182 counts... If you are 14.
-My Chemical Romance Is a Totally Sweet Emo-ish Rock band. I absolutely love this band. (Except their first album, which blew. ) However, NOT A PUNK BAND.
-Sum 41 is an awful band.
-Don't even get me started on Rise Against. They had the gall to cover Journey. And it was probably the worst cover of all time.
-Simple Plan? Seriously? A Punk Band? Kill yourself If you voted for them. Why not add Linkin Park and Fallout Boy to this List? (. Fallout Boy is #11... )
#1 - The Clash
#2 - The Sex Pistols
#3 - The Dead Kennedy's

Punk is dead. Green day, My Chemical Romance, simple plan,... Today's "punk" consists of posers who think they're punk cause they listen to "kill the dj", pop punk girls who only go to concerts cause tom delonge is so cute and greedy "musicians" and managers who don't give a f*** about the actual music.

All those kids in my school have never heard of crass or the clash, and they're talking of anarchism and how cool it is but no one really understands it. Back then, punk was about revolution and kickin mainstreams a**e, now it consists of sappy love songs and pseudo revolutuions. Kickin mainstreams a**e? No, kissing its feet and begging for a new Porsche.

That's it, I'm done.
God save the queen.
Punk is dead.

I am a fan of Tom DeLonge and I like him more for his music and content rather than his looks. Tom DeLonge isn't Justin Bieber or MattyBRaps who only got famous for looking cute, he has musical talent and makes good music, unlike those two. - AnimeDrawer

There are lots of amazingly talented rock bands, but this is the only one which actually used their talent. They were completely serious, composed and played the most honest art with the most human intentions. They didn't fallen into traps other amazingly talented bands did, like composing music to make hits, or painting themselves into corner of cliche. It sound so simple, but they are only bend that did it. The band on the mission. The greatest rock band of all time.

Um not sure how the clash isn't number one on this list! The Ramones the clash and the sex pistols created true punk rock. Green Day had a few good punk songs but the rest aren't really that punk. Rise against is pretty terrible. I don't even know how any one could vote for my chemical romance or some of the bands on this list I guess the people voting on this list are 14 year old girls who think they listen to punk but really its just crap! THE CLASH ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST PUNK BAND EVER!

This is the only band on this list that really strikes me as punk rock. The rest of the bands are pop punk, in my opinion, which is a far cry from what punk rock is really about. I'm a fan of music with a message and a meaning. Punk rock is rebellious music. Real punk bands understand the importance of that distinction. The Clash incorporated various styles into their music, which makes them punk. Punk rock is more about an attitude than anything, in my opinion.

To me The Clash isn't just the best punk band ever, they are the most ambitious, most versatile, and overall best band of all time. Take for instance their third album London Calling, in my opinion you can take almost any song on that album, put it on 75-80% of albums ever made and it would be the best song on the album. Their fourth album, Sandinista!, despite it not being my favorite album ever, I have so much respect for due to it covering many different style, including Rap which wasn't popular yet. Their first two albums are awesome too. Their last two albums weren't too great but they had some good songs on them.

Green Day may be my favorite band but THEY ARE NOT A PUNK BAND! The Clash were gods when it comes to punk music. actually music. I mean they experimented more than any punk band would have ever dared to. London Calling is the greatest album of all time in my opinion. It has everything I love about music: punk, reggae, ska, blues, jazz, and just straight forward rock. definitely one of the greatest all time bands, and best punk band.

As much as I love Green Day, these guys are number 1. I mean, yeah, Green Day is still punk and revived punk, the Clash invented it. This list should have the Clash as 1, Ramones 2, and Sex Pistols 3. Then the Green Day and Blink-182 stuff comes into account. Green Day is AWESOME, but the Clash are the best punk band. If you don't believe me, listen to Complete Control. That is the essence of punk. Green Day doesn't write many political songs.

In my opinion the Clash were the best and most talented Punk Rock band of all time. Their songs and lyrics were brilliant but the best thing about them is that they bravely went beyond punk. Their most brilliant and most underrated album was the triple albumn Sandanista which came on the heals of London Calling. I bought this album when I was in the 7th grade and was at first disappointed that it wasn't traditional 3 chord punk. But after listening to it several times I started to appreciate it for what it was. I learned recently it was recorded at Electeic Lady Land studios in NYC where Hendrix did his magic. His creative ghost must have soaked into them because every song was a creative undertaking. Even though the album did have some low points, most of the songs were brilliant and taught me about the world. Listen to Something About England and tell me that I am wrong.

Thirty years from 76 I still listen to the Ramones and the Clash, I thought Nirvana was it twenty years ago, but I don't listen to them now. Definitely for me The Clash is the best punk band of all time, they had the chops and the various styles that brought along a new freedom to music. They are definitely the right profile.

The Only Band That Matters. Yeah, that's what the Clash is. As far as punk goes, The Clash completely destroys everyone else. London Calling is easily the best punk album and song of all time, and it's only competition for best album of all time is Sgt. Pepper.

How the hell is My Chemical Romance higher in this list than a real punk rock group. Sub par emo isn't punk. Anyways The Clash is fantastic. While they may be closer to Pop-punk than many of these other bands their musical talents shine through with their unforgettable albums and powerful lyrics get their political message across clearly.

The Clash should be number one they were the best band of their day and took the trone in England after the demise of the Sex Pistols. They added the element to punk I find to be the most significant: experimentation with other styles. They also prove, to me anyway, that just because a band finds mainstream success it doesn't mean they've sold out. Great band. Evey album is magical, except of course Cut The Crap but even Joe Strummer himself would tell you that.

I agree with selftitled down there. Why on earth is the legendary band that created London Calling so low on the charts? I think it's so stupid that half the bands up there aren't true punk. Green Day, great band, good music. But they are POP-PUNK. That is why The Clash and The Ramones deserve this.

Green Day and The Clash are my favorite punk bands, but since the Clash is a bit low on the list, I'll vote for them. My favorite song by them is Rock the Casbah. By the way, whoever says Green Day isn't punk, they may not sound like the original style of punk, but at least they brought it back to the world.

The clash was green day's major influence therefore it should definitely be above green day on the list. The clash was in effect influenced mainly by the sex pistols and the rammed so they should be right after the clash. Seriously does anyone actually know what real punk rock is?

The true punk bands are the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and the Ramones. I'm not saying Green Day is bad but they are defiantly not the best or most influential. I was actually kind of annoyed when I saw that the Clash was so far down on the list. They're my favorite band. I'm not even over 20 and I know that.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! WTF kind of a "punk" list is this?! There's only like 5 punk bands on here! The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, and The Misfits are pretty much it. And Rancid are actually pretty good but... - asdfalexia

Clash Should Be number 1, not Green Day. Seriously, my chemical romance, who did you get this list from, James Taylor? The clash is by far the greatest punk band. They should be up there with the Ramones and the pistols. After all, they are the creator of punk, and the only true ones on this list!

The clash can not be this low. Use that thing inside your head, we call it brain, if you have a brain of course, because more than half of this list -especially the top 3 which is supposed to be the greatest of all- are clearly not punk. - selftitled

The Clash are defintely the best and most versatile punk rock band that has existed. Each song is different (unlike Green Day songs) Plus, their music still sounds fantastic three decades on... never grow tired of it!

Um why is the clash under the pistols? The pistols are basically just and act and their music isn't that great. The Clash however has always been about the music and their music is better!

Best punk band of all time. Not many punk bands of their time, or any time could incorporate the kind of musical genius with punk like the clash did and London calling is easily a top ten album of all time. It's number 8 for a matter of fact.

They're actually punk rock, not pop punk or whatever other random genres we have on here (not saying they're bad bands) and they were so influential in the punk movement and their songs are brilliant. Their lyrics have great meaning and the music is fab

How the is Simple Plan rated higher than The Clash? The Clash wrote classic songs that bands want to imitate today. Simple Plan IS NOT PUNK. Since when is whining about homework considered punk. This disgusts me...