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Green Day are an American pop punk and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1987. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. Some more.


Green Day is easily the best punk band of all time. Jesus of Suburbia is the best song ever. American Idiot is the best album of all time. Milton Keynes was the biggest concert of all time. You have no taste in good music at all if you don't like this band. Forget Rise Against and Blink 182 this is the best band of all time

People who say green day isn't punk, if you were true and knew punk it's about trying new things out, whether it's an acoustic thrown into the album or going mad at politicans, it's saying what you think and creating your own sense of freedom which is exactly what green day have done over the past 20 years, yes there is a big change between them in the dookie era and 21st century breakdown but they still are punk and have changed peoples lives. I'm a billie joe armstrong fan, yes, I think he is an amazing man with a really good attitude and view on the political and religious side of today. I do agree with you guys that say girls maybe support green day because of billie's looks but the bottom line is they are a great band with amazing success and they still will be my favourite band when I'm about 80 so yeah, GREEN DAY!

Green Day's sound features few of the fundamentals of punk. They are a pop-rock band.

Green Day is personally my favorite band. I have liked their music since I was fairly young, but I only became a huge fan as of three years ago. Green Day's music is inspiring as well as fun to listen to. They have incorporated everything from love and teenage angst, to politics and rage into their songs and I respect them as people. And I am not one of those girls that scream about how much I love Billie Joe either. He is an amazing singer and guitarist in my opinion, but I don't want to marry him. Mike and Tré are also great musicians and sometimes I think the fans don't give them enough credit. I also think it's really amazing how long they have stayed together as a band and how long Billie and Mike have been friends (since they were ten! ). Anyway, that's my opinion on why they're the best punk rock band of their (and my) generation.

GREEN DAY is the BEST! 21 guns is absoulutly the most meaningful song I have ever heard... all of GREEN DAYs songs are. BIllie Joe Armstrong has an AMAZING voice and they are all skilled musicians I couldn't listen to the all day everyday for the rest of my life and never NOT want to hear them over again! :) the have the absoulute best Punk rock/pop punk music I've ever heard! the lyrics are EXTREMLY meaningful and relateful to me I wish I could write songs that amazing. if you've never heard them try 21 guns, Holiday, wake me up when september ends, Good ridance (time of your life), boulevard of broken dreams, American idiot, Basket Case, King for a day, jesus of suburbia, ha ha your dead and every other green day song you can get your hands on :)GREEN DAY is AMAZINg love them

Green Day is definitely the best punk rock band around. Billie Joe has influenced lots of people in the ways that they write music, he has influenced other people to start playing guitar, and to top it all off, has a signature model with Gibson guitars.

Mike Dirnt is currently known for his bass guitar riffs, licks and techniques, no wonder he has be nominated for the worlds best bassist of all time. He even has a signature bass made by Fender.

Tre' Cool, Where do you start with this guy? He is incredibly funny and also really good on the drums. Who would have thought that a German kid raised in the land of the hippies would have grown up playing American punk rock drums?

Green Day is an amazing band. They've been able to make the fans grow with them, which is very hard. Billie Joe's lyrics is actually the main reason why I'm still alive. Several years ago, I almost committed suicide. Then the song "Give me novacaine" came on the radio. I'm still here, and so is many others, others who also have found support in their songs and not committed suicide because of them. They also have a "f that s" - attitude, that makes teenagers able to relate to many of their songs. But still... Give me Novocaine is not my favorite.. You have songs like - going to pasalacqua, - platypus (i hate you), - st. Jimmy, - letterbomb, - burnout, - F.O.D. , - J.A.R. , - walking contradiction, - welcome to paradise, - who wrote holden caulfield? , and 409 in your coffee maker!

Green Day is the best thing out there. It has been the best punk rock band since 1980s. I mean yes, ofcoures maybe you can say it is mainstream but it doesn't really say much about what a band is. Others may even call it a sellout band but then again, who cares if its a sell-out band as long as it is making really good songs out there that people like and appreciate. People may say Ohh if they're supposed to be punk they shouldn't be doing business with MTV they shouldn't be trying to change their genre. But that's not even supposed to matter because Green Day is the shit and Green Day is free to do whatever they want and should try and experiment on different other genres/style/whatever you wanna call it type of rock because in the end that's what punk is all about. So eff them haters keep rock n rolling green day you the best shiz

Green Day practically made me who I am today, without Green Day I never would have discovered all of these other amazing bands that I listen to today. I never would have heard of Fall Out Boy, or of My Chemical Romance and Pencey Prep. And I have to thank my dad for introducing me to them. Without my dad I never would have discovered punk in the first place. I was raised on punk. And I have to say, Green Day are the kings of it along with the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks and many, many more.

Of course, Green Day is the best! They've been for years now. Their music is the best and is meaningful. They are telling us to wake up and be a part of the community not just as fool followers but as enlightened ones. Green Day has the coolest members, I say. And Billie Joe is the bravest vocalist I have ever known. I just can't imagine how he maintains his voice for years... When I was still young, I have loved their music even before I learned that it's Green Day's! If you don't know them yet, start listening to their songs. I'm sure you'll love them. Hey, have you ever heard of their quotations? Check them out now and be inspired!

Seems to be the ultimate love them or hate them band. Love them because their music transcends the boundaries of genres, because they are highly talented, their songs carry great meaning (to me at least) and are most probably the best live band in the world. Hate them because you don't like boulevard of broken dreams or wake me up when September ends and they got played on the radio once too often so thus hate all post 20th century songs in the Green Day cannon or just hate them because all life has been sucked from your lifeless soul!

I love green Day so much! I've seen them in concert twice in Paris and Mainz
And if someone tells me that Linkin Park beats green day, I get into a pretty intense fight with that person xD
Billy Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, And Mike Dirnt just make the most perfect combination of musicians to make the perfect songs
Awesome As F*** is my favorite movie, and whoever thinks this Justin Bieber movie is in the top charts, are a bunch of dumboeheads, CUZ GREEN DAY KICKS BUTT AND SHOULD BE WINNING ALL THE AWARDS!
My point, Green Day is Amazing

Their music is amazing! It's all about politics, governments and life. It's truly meaningful. They give strong messages to people and to many people they have saved their lives. Billie Joe Armstrong is the most inspirational person I know and is an amazing artist. I believe alongside Billie Joe, that Mike Dirnt is also very inspirational and is the best bass player ever. The best drummer in history of punk rock also is in this band, his name is Tre Cool. He is funny, talented and is all around awesome. Jason White is an amazing guitarist, and even though he might not be included in things he is still apart of Green Day and helps inspire people with his amazing guitarist skills. Green Day in my opinion is most talented Punk Rock band to ever exist and no one can ever change that.

People say Green day ain't punk anymore. But they are. I'm not saying they're the best band ever. But they truly are people who influenced generations of musicians and young people. Classics like Dookie, Insomniac and American idiot are still in my heart. Even now when I'm 31. No, I'm not some kid who wants to be Billie Joe, I'm a person who grew up listening to them... The Clash certainly proved that if you still have that punk idea, you can take your music everywhere and it can still be punk. So, Cheers for Green Day!

Grenn day is the most popular punk rock band with the most pleasant music to listen to. I just can't put my earphones off. Listen to some songs like Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and 21 Guns and you will realize the artists' talent and inventive mind of writing punk rock music and lyrics. It is also significant to say that green day's american idiot(album), which has a storyline, (repeat:storyline, have you ever seen an album with a storyline? )has appeared as a play on Broadway and it is now confirmed that it is going to be produced as a movie by Tom Hanks.

Green Day is not the most punk band on this list, (Still more punk than Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Sum 41) But the list is not asking for the most punk. It's asking for the best punk band here. Sure, the Sex Pistols, Clash, and the Ramones created the genre of punk. I love all 3 of those bands. But I would choose Green Day's, "Insolmniac" over any one of the albums that those bands have put out, and I have them all. Sex Pistols, Ramones, and the Clash are all great bands, but none of them hold anything on Green Day's live show.

You know what I really hate? How little punk kids who are really into the old stuff criticize the shi out of these new bands, it doesn't matter what you listen to what matters is how it helped you and how it molded you into the person you are punk is supposed to be the most understanding of rejects and outcasts but they themselves outcast others it's where the weird is supposed to feel like they belong with music they can really relate to, now it's just about what bands are acceptable and how rockaBilly you can dress.

It's truly sad that all the old fans from The Ramones, The Clash and Sex Pistols are claiming that Green Day is no punk rock. I hope you know that your hater comments are pure bull. Without Green Day (and also The Offspring) punk rock didn't even came back to people's minds. So please shut up about "Green Day is no punk". Start accepting Green Day as the best punk rock band ever! But sure the Ramones, etc... are really good bands.

Of course Green Day is #1. From their first album, '1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours', to their most recent, '21st Century Breakdown': Green Day rock all the way; they always have and they always will.
As the creators of epic songs such as 'Jesus of Suburbia', 'Going To Pasalacqua', 'Longview' and 'Stuck With Me', Green Day knock all pther punk rock bands out of the park. They are AWESOME, and mean the world to me. Thanks, Green Day... You rock.

Undoubtedly! Everything that defines not only a Punk band, but also a great and true Rock band! They have the most talented Lyricist, Vocals and lead guitarist of their time - Tre cool's wild beats only show us what they can do! And mike dirnt's only the best drummer in these 20 years-There you go-they're releasing the greatest songs ever and they're only doing it with 3 punks who once used to smoke weed, marijuana and wrote songs about masturbation!

Yeah, because the trilogy and Revolution Radio were so well-received

Green Day is the best punk rock band in the world because they have their own ways of doing things themselves. The writing of their songs is original and the results is something so special that my ears can not believe how much has it's good. This is thanks to Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt of Green Day is what it is. As Billie Joe said, Green Day, it's them. They have all of Green Day in them, because it's all because of their talent that the group is so fabulous. If there would not Tré Cool, no one as good as he did to succeed has grooves as he did. Mike Dirnt is a professional bass and most of all, Billie has a voice that is unique. It is thanks to them that many other groups is formed.

Green Day is so awesome! Their lyrics can be playful and then heavy at the next song. Not only that, there are so many underlying stories and statements that they portray through their songs and their lyrics. They really deserve to be the best punk band ever! And stop the hate going on about them being punk or not, it's not like there's a book out there that actually has rules written down which says what requirements you need to have to be punk or anything like that.

If it weren't for Green Day, Punk Music wouldn't be so much so popular.
There are many good punk bands like Sum 41, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, but all these bands were INSPIRED by none other than Green Day!
So, GREEN DAY is always #1! Enough Said!

Look, I love Green Day and all, but please when you are talking about a list for best PUNK rock bands please stop mentioning wake me up when september ends and good riddance. Those are good songs, but they are NOT PUNK! If you want to listen to PUNK Green Day check out Kerplunk which is a fantastic album or insomniac, in my opinion they stopped being punk and started to be more alternative when Warning was released, which isn't a bad thing, all bands evolve, but please stick to their punk albums like Kerplunk when talking about a list of best punk rock bands

Green Day is an amazing band, from 1039/smooth to the trilogy, in my opinion they've changed a lot from when they started out but it's not a bad change, they really took their music to a next level! Billie Joe Armstrong lyrically is amazing and he's a great guitarist, and he is a man who never ages! Mike Dirnt is an awesome bassist, he has had amazing riffs and solos throughout the years from Longview to dirty rotten bastards (my favourite bass solo) overall my favourite bassist. Trè cool best drummer of all time (in my opinion) definitely the craziest guy I've ever seen and overall "trè cool". Last but not least Jason White he really got to be his own guitarist in the trilogy "it's all Jason in your right speaker" -Billie Joe (cuatro) with Jason apart of the band it's a whole new sound you Can add so much more, Jason really proved himself to me in the trilogy listening to lady cobra it's awesome what billie and him did. Green Day forever!

I think that Green Day has the best music in history, no other band can beat it. I think that Green Day could beat any other band in the history of music if they had a battle of the bands competition. Another Reason is that Billie Joe Armstrong is proberbly the best guitarist in human history as well as Mike Dirnt (best bass) and Tre Cool (best drum). I recommend this music to anyone at any who really likes Punk Rock