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201 New York Dolls
202 Snarls Incognito

Epic punk band! I definitely recommend checking out their Fb page. - Manifestus

Went to see them in Peoria IL! Epic band!

203 Ashtray
204 The Mummies
205 Fm Static

Fm Static is punk. Not in three chord riffs or hating the system, but in idea and honestly pure awesomeness. Not many people really enjoy this band, but only because not many people listen to this band.

206 Mest

This band should be in the top ten

207 Minutemen

The best punk band ever. Mike watts the best bassist in the world.

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208 The Gaslight Anthem
209 Major Accident V 1 Comment
210 Chelsea

Deserve to be a lot higher up.

211 999

999 should be in the top 10 along with The Damned and Sham 69.

After 40 years touring and releasing decent albums, plus considering some absolute classics like 'Homicide', 'Emergency', 'Nasty, Nasty' and 'Feeling alright with the Crew', I think they more than deserve a place in the Top 20.

Should be top 40 - had great songs like English Wipeout, Homicide - great guitars and a good frontman in Nick Cash

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212 The Beltones

If you have not listend to the beltones there is something wrong with you

213 The Partisans
214 Narcoleptic Youth

I'm seen them play on tour with The Adicts and then another time on tour with the Adolescents. Kickass punk band. Check out their album HOW TO FAKE YOUR DEATH. Their best in my opinion.

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215 Cute Is What We Aim For

This is emo-pop or pop rock. Maybe a little bit of pop punk, but nowhere near punk rock. - Plonderss

216 Wipers

Amazing punk rock band from Portland. Definitely should be way higher on the list!

Without them, Nirvana wouldn't exist, and quite literally. Even Cobain said it. - Gruunge

'Is this real? ' is an absolute classic album.

217 Berurier Noir
218 Ska-P
219 Titus Andronicus

Titus is a fairly unknown band, but critically acclaimed by the rolling stone magazine, these new jersey flame throwers reinvent punk rock on their intellectually genius album, The Monitor. They just keep on improving, and I believe they are good enough to become number one of this list some day.

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220 Fear

Fear might as well be the founders of hardcore punk. Their songs I don't care about you is fast loud obnoxious and awesome its everything you need to make a punk song. The majority of their songs are politically correct and are more punk than the majority on this list. It's fair to say that this whole list is a popularity contest

Fear at 119 is almost sadder than Green Day being at 1.

What? This list is crap. Fear should be top 5. "Let's Have A War! "

How is fear, gg Allen and the murder junkies, and total chaos not in top 50!

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