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301 Avoid One Thing
302 Mucky Pup
303 Fear

Fear might as well be the founders of hardcore punk. Their songs I don't care about you is fast loud obnoxious and awesome its everything you need to make a punk song. The majority of their songs are politically correct and are more punk than the majority on this list. It's fair to say that this whole list is a popularity contest

Fear at 119 is almost sadder than Green Day being at 1.

How is fear, gg Allen and the murder junkies, and total chaos not in top 50!

304 The Dicks
305 Forgotten Rebels

Chris Houston - Hamilton legend - wrote Surfing on Heroin. They took up a collection in Vancouver to send him home after years of west coast couch surfin'

306 The Crucif****
307 Left Alone
308 Time Again
309 The Business

Their debut album 'Suburban Rebels' ('83) is one the best example of British Oi! and the single 'England 5 - Germany 1' marks a historical moment (haha).

310 Poison Idea

Can't believe they are not on the list, one of the best punk/hardcore bands comming from the states

311 This Is Hell
312 F-Minus
313 No Mercy
314 Oi Polloi
315 Blunt Force Trauma
316 Anti-Product
317 Ramshackle Glory
318 Lower Class Brats
319 Conflict

Half of these aren't even punk bands... Conflict is great and if you haven't listened to them, do so ASAP.

Ah...conflict at 314...,subhumans crass, citizen fish...ah all should be in top ten! not to mention CHUMBAWAMBA, OR THE GOATS!

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320 The Filaments
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