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381 The New Christs

Have a look on you tube, try born out of time, or coming apart, old band, great band, still recording today.

382 Hey Monday Hey Monday Hey Monday is an American pop punk band from West Palm Beach, Florida, formed in 2008. The band is on a hiatus as of December 2011. They released their debut album Hold On Tight in 2008, which produced the singles "Homecoming" and "How You Love Me Now." The album was followed up with their 2010 EP Beneath more.
383 Tonight Alive

Similar band to paramore.

384 The Killers The Killers The Killers is an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001, by Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.

These guys are not even a punk rock band! This makes no sense!

I believe they count in this category ( and if they do they should be in the top ten man)

How do you work that out? Do you understand what punk (rock) is?

385 The Front Bottoms
386 Slayer Slayer more.

Great Metal Band, But not PUNK!

These guys are good, but they are more METAL than PUNK.

Slayer opens orange!

387 Razar

Great Brisbane band: Task Force & Stamp Out Disco...

388 Battling Seizure Robots

Six-piece band from Burlington, Vermont, USA was formed in 2001.
Their music was a mix of ska, punk and some hardcore.
Horn section include sax and trumpet.
The band is dead, but their drummer Jed wants to restart it in California.

389 P**sy Riot
390 7 Seconds

Old school and good, 392 that's a joke

Old school punk rock.

391 Consumed

They may have only released 3 albums, but consumed is the greatest punk rock band out there. - SmileyStudios

392 The Interrupters
393 The Virus
394 Jackson United
395 Paranoid Visions

Best Irish Punk-Band ever! (Outsider Artist)

396 Zounds

Often overlooked '77-punk band, still going strong (again! ).

397 Daily Terror

Pedder Teumer 10.03.56 - 11.04.09. Brilliant (early) German Punk Band; check out their tribute-song/video to their ex-singer 'Gib niemals auf' ('Never give up'). A sad loss for (German) Punk Music.

398 The Slits

Best All-Female Punk-Band from the beginnings in '76. Pioneers of most girl-bands with attitude that followed. "Typical Girls"

399 Chaos UK
400 Argy Bargy

Their album 'Hopes Dreams Lies and Schemes' is one of the finest examples, just how good punk in this decade (rel.'12) still can be. 'Looking for Glory' is a new punk anthem.

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