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401 The F**kwits

They've been around for 10 years now, hail from Sheffield and are a great punk band (especially, if you like The Clash). Good own songs, good lyrics and brilliant live. Deserve more publicity.

402 The Legendary X-Rippers V 1 Comment
403 Psycho Surgeons V 1 Comment
404 Fire Exit
405 On Trial UK
406 Trashionality

From what I've seen this is an alright list. But where the hell is Trashionality? Probably nobody's heard if them, but for real, they're as underground as it gets. It's so rare that you see a band as modern as 2013 putting out genuine punk music, not pop-y bull from such a young generation, and I honestly believe these guys could save the modern punk scene if they got some recognition. They attest deserve to be above All Time Low. If you haven't heard these guys, definitely check them out on YouTube or band camp.

V 1 Comment
407 Reagan Youth
408 Screaming Females
409 Chron Gen
410 Kid-Klumsy
411 Dirt Box Disco
412 Neurotic Arseholes
413 A Global Threat
414 Escape the Fate V 1 Comment
415 Total Chaos

Great Street Punk, sure has hell better band then Green Day and Blind 182.

Yes! Good band with a solid sound!

416 Zero Boys V 1 Comment
417 The Skids V 1 Comment
418 The Sound
419 The Snake Corps.
420 Badlands
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