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141 Peter and the Test Tube Babies

"banned from the pubs"nuff said!

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142 MDC

how the hell is mdc number 94 they are better the all the pop bands are here they are a great hardcore punk band

143 Cinematic Sunrise

this bands is good emo rock

144 The Weirdos

Been announced for Rebellion Festival '16; can't wait.

145 The Blackout
146 My Passion V 1 Comment
147 Rufio

Absolutely fantastic band, they have by far some of the greatest intros into songs I've ever heard. They're instrumental capabilities are nothing short of incredible. I feel the only thing that held them back were the vocals, never felt they fit with the rest of the band.

What the hell? I can't believe Rufio wasn't in this list, A real PUNK ROCK band, unlike a lot of the bands on this list

Rufio is one of the few REAL punk rock bands on this list. Seriously, how many of these "punk rock bands" have released more than one punk rock album. Eg. Green Day = were punk rock but NOT NOW.

148 The Distillers

I may Be Old to Say that these are One of The Best newish Punk bands and the 2nd Best Female Band Singers etc ever

The best of the best I want more bands like this

I love FOB, P! ATD and Paramore but they are NOT punk. The Distillers are. And they're awesome, I wish there were more bands similar to them today

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149 Die Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen

One of the biggest band in Germany who have got their roots in punk, in fact, one could still class their music now as 'stadium punk' (a bit like Green Day). Songs like 'An Tagen wie diesen' und 'Bonnie & Clyde' are pretty great anthems, not to forget 'Pushed again', a brilliant cover of the T.V. Smith song. And also, their album 'Learning English: Lesson One' is an only covers album of old school punk classics (incl. songs by Ramones, 999, The Adverts, UK Subs, Sham 69, Chelsea, The Clash, Sex Pistols, etc.)

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150 The Replacements The Replacements

All you sum 41, My chemical romance voters, let me put it this way but, perhaps you remember the Disney movie "Open Season" with really cool soundtracks? Those tunes are by Paul Westerberg, an American genius and the s/sw of The Replacements. They are from mid 80's and simply one of the best band ever existed

151 One Ok Rock

I have known this band although they're been there since 1988 but I still listen to their music and I like also their background story

One ok rock is one of my favorite bands and their music is just awesome.
I think they should be higher in this list. But that is only my own opinion.
(don't mind my bad English (? ) I think I don't speak English very well)

Once upon a time I crused through utube just to get to know some rock bands from Japan and then I found One OK Rock (the band name came from "One o'clock" ) since then I listen to their music ^^ they inspiring me ^^

152 Face to Face

Just discovering them now. Really loving this music

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153 The Vibrators

Saw these guys in Vancouver bar a few years ago - they were old, but man did they rock

Why is this not even here let alone top 5!

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154 No Use For Name

Tony sly=one of the best songwriter in punkrock

I cannot believe that NUFAN is so low on the list!

Oh come on NUFAN on 155?

I've never known a better writer or a better guy
His songs wouldn't just touch you, they would punch you in the eye
It doesn't happen a lot when everybody has the same thought “He wasn't supposed to die”
So let's clank our beers and give three cheers for Tony Sly
-- Fat Mike

155 H2O
156 Cage The Elephant

Good band but not really punk rock; they are more indie/alternative rock

157 The Used

Great band, I though punk had died then my nephew took me to see them!

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158 The Bronx
159 Sublime Sublime Sublime was an American ska punk band from Long Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band's line-up, unchanged until their breakup, consisted of Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh.

Ska punk is a subgenre of punk, so they are punk

Can't believe they're not in the top 20!

Sublime is ska punk, not punk rock.


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160 The Stranglers

The Stranglers are original, unique and musically a genius. Still producing albums and touring 42 years on. Should not be on this list they are a music genre all on there own!
The Sex pistols, The Damned, The Banshees, The Clash,999,The original Adam and the Ants, all great punk bands, all original styles and the patriarchs of punk.

Stranglers of the seventies were great, went to see them dozens of times. But eighties Stranglers sucked -went too pop. Their latest album is a bit of a return to form

When I heard the Stranglers for the first time it was a sudden epiphany, their 70�'s albums are as good as it gets. Period

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