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141 The Jesus Lizard

Indeed, deserves closer attention. Jesus Lizard is one of those small rare gems not many people know about.

A one of a kind punk band that needs to be considered for this list!

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142 Hit the Lights
143 Deviates

old school punk that you don't hear most punk bands playing now a days

144 Cinematic Sunrise

this bands is good emo rock

145 The Weirdos

Been announced for Rebellion Festival '16; can't wait.

146 The Blackout
147 My Passion V 1 Comment
148 Lit

This band kicks ass, number 142.. don't think so. This should be above Simple Plan for sure.

149 Richard Hell and the Voidoids

The Voidoids were true punk unlike many of the bands listed here. Their song 'Blank Generation' is the BEST punk song ever!

'Blank Generation' is one the essential punk albums of all time.

Johnny copped his look from Richard. On of of the true originators.

150 The Distillers

I may Be Old to Say that these are One of The Best newish Punk bands and the 2nd Best Female Band Singers etc ever

The best of the best I want more bands like this

I love FOB, P! ATD and Paramore but they are NOT punk. The Distillers are. And they're awesome, I wish there were more bands similar to them today

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151 Face to Face

Just discovering them now. Really loving this music

My favorite band!

the best



261? You've got to be kidding me!

152 Paramore Paramore Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York.

They aren't punk, they're emo. Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, and early Social Distortion=punk. Paramore, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco=emo. Please get informed. - shawnwalker

153 Peter and the Test Tube Babies

"banned from the pubs"nuff said!

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154 Radio Birdman

My favorites at least.

195? Really?
Well, guess they arnt really punk... Punk had not yet risen when birdman started.

155 The Replacements The Replacements

All you sum 41, My chemical romance voters, let me put it this way but, perhaps you remember the Disney movie "Open Season" with really cool soundtracks? Those tunes are by Paul Westerberg, an American genius and the s/sw of The Replacements. They are from mid 80's and simply one of the best band ever existed

156 One Ok Rock

I have known this band although they're been there since 1988 but I still listen to their music and I like also their background story

One ok rock is one of my favorite bands and their music is just awesome.
I think they should be higher in this list. But that is only my own opinion.
(don't mind my bad English (? ) I think I don't speak English very well)

Once upon a time I crused through utube just to get to know some rock bands from Japan and then I found One OK Rock (the band name came from "One o'clock" ) since then I listen to their music ^^ they inspiring me ^^

157 The Vibrators

Saw these guys in Vancouver bar a few years ago - they were old, but man did they rock

Why is this not even here let alone top 5!

Great band.

158 H2O
159 Cage The Elephant

Good band but not really punk rock; they are more indie/alternative rock

160 The Used

Great band, I though punk had died then my nephew took me to see them!

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