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The Ramones were an American punk rock band that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974. They are often cited as the first band to define the punk rock sound.


Uh, I don't really understand how anyone who is a true-fan of punk-rock could place a lot of these bands on any-type of list that has anything to do with punk-rock. Ask Billy-Joe who he thinks is the best punk-rock band ever, he might put his band in the top 25. Definitely not number 1 though. Come on people, do some research. Papa Roach, All-American Rejects, Simple-Plan, etc. Are not punk-rock bands by any standard. Punk-rock bands should not be judged or rated according to record-sales either. That defeats the purpose of what punk-rock stands for. I suggest some type of screening process before people can vote because without education there is ignorance. Thank you Bad Religion, Ramones, Sex-Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Op Ivy, Rancid, Guttermouth, Strung-Out, The Misfits, etc. Most are on this list, just not where they deserve to be. Live long punk-rock, pop-rock should not be on this list...

What is with this list, without the ramones there would be no green day no clash no sex pistols, no dead kennedys, they created practically punk rock. Only 13 year old idiots running around yelling about anarchy and stuff they don't know about would vote green day blink 182, or sum 41 and yes I'm a 13 year old girl but at least I know about punk, both my parents were punks in the 80s and trust punk was not about this pop music aimed towards ignorant teens who don't know the meaning of half the lyrics. It was about rock and having fun, ramones didn't even count themselves as punk for awhile they considered themselves pure rock n roll which is what punk is. Bands like the clash dead kennedys bad religion misfits minor threat social distortion dead milkmen crass and Joan Jett should be up there at number one not green day and blink or chemical romance that isn't even punk that's trash

The definition of punk rock is to go against the norm is not a uniform or an exact type of music is a state of mind. now there is definitely punk music but without the Ramones there might not even have been punk. as much as I think the sex pistols suck I mean really they had no talent but they were the beginning as well n fit the definition outside the norm n offensive as hell gotta love that n you have to pay respects to the oldies even if they aren't your taste. they are by far not the best punk band in the world! Hot topic lies there r other bands they don't own t-shirts for. there are plenty of other bands that should be on here and Green Day is not one of them. Sorry guys no judgement here though

SON, I AM DISAPPOINT. How is it that The Ramones are #4, The Sex Pistols are #6, and the Clash are #7?

These guys are the FOUNDERS of Punk. As I am writing, Green Day is #1 and Blink 182 (how do you even say that, anyway? ) is #2. Green Day may have started off somewhat close to punk, but now they're just pop music. Go ahead and listen to Uno and tell me you don't agree. And Blink 182... Well, I just hate them.

Anyway, It was a tie between Ramones/Sex Pistols for me, but I picked Ramones

Now it seems that "punk rock" is a just a word for the commercial garbage that industries shove down kid's throats to make them feel rebellious. So many people think that they are "punk" for having a Mohawk or acting like a dick to everyone. That is the exact opposite of what punk is about. Bands like blink 182, Green Day and simple plan whining about a girl that broke up with them while people are being persecuted and are starving around the world. They dare to call themselves punk. Punk rock went underground after grunge died out and has nothing to do with pop punk. To me even a band like Pink Floyd is way more punk than any pop punk band. Grow up

Green Day and Blink 182 are nothing when compared to the Ramones. Other than being the godfathers of punk music, together with others such as the Sex Pistols and The Clash, the Ramones have a unique style and sound, together with the most interesting lead voice. In my opinion no punk band can ever match the Ramones. Punk = Ramones. Blink 182 and Sum 41 and Green Day and whatever people listen to today are a lame copy of the simple masterpieces the Ramones created a long time ago.

I wouldn't have selected them out of the list of founding fathers, I would have selected maybe Descendents, however, they are godfathers and therefore deserve top billing. With the exception of Rise Against, most of the other bands in this list aren't even punk, they're just punk-influenced! GD, SP and Sum 41 aren't great anymore. Blink and RA I love, but I won't bill them over their forefathers, The Pistols only released one album and The Clash were awesome, but they got weird. So, Ramones it is.

A lot of these bands are popular, but they got popular as pop punk or power pop. The Ramones are no where near my favorite punk band, but they were able to get popular by staying true to punk music, and everyone should respect them for that. And all you kids with the Ramones and Misfits t-shirts you found at hot topic need to listen to the music and live the life style, not just claim to be a punk cause you think it's cool.

The Ramones started punk and are punk. Honestly, anybody who said Green Day, Sum 41, My Chemicle Romance, Blink 182, etc. Have never heard an actual punk band. Those bands are all pop (although I admit some might fall under the category of alternative). Actual PUNK bands are bands like The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Misfits, and maybe The Pixies. The Ramones should definitely be number 1 because they started punk and are one of the only ones on the list who are actually in the right genre.

My favorite punk band, but I'm curious how pop punk bands are higher on this list and I don't know how the hell the misfits got beat by my chemical romance and half this list isn't even punk you got emo, emo pop, pop punk, grunge, alternative, nu metal, and probably more beating classic punk bands like dead kennedys, social distortion, NOFX, and others so this list blows - appleseed

If you don't choose Ramones, you don't choose Punk, know why? Because Ramones are Punk, they are simply the ultimate description of it, especially considering they were the first greats! They are amazing, just give Blitzkrieg Bop, Bonzo Goes To Bitburg, K Took My Baby Away, Garden Of Serenity, I could list more but too many.. Give them all a listen :D

There are only maybe 4 actual punk bands on this list... The Ramones are number one for sure! The list really should go 1. Ramones 2. Clash 3. Sex Pistols 4. Black Flag 5. Dead Kennedys 6. Misfits 7. Operation Ivy 8. Melvins 9. Flipper 10. Wipers

What! Most of these bands aren't even punk! Simple plan, all time low! They're not punk! Just because they have a little bit of "punk" in some of their songs doesn't mean they're punk! The Ramones, sex pistols, the misfits they're punk bands! All you people who think that pop crap is punk, go listen to some real punk and see the difference!

Green Day is actually my favourite band of all time. Not because they are punk though because they are hardly punk they are a bit I suppose but not like most of these bands so shouldn't be nowhere near first. The Ramones are punk more than any other band. Dead Kennedy's, Sex Pistols, Misfits and Rancid should make up the top 5 in no particular order.

OK people are only voting for Green Day and all that other wannabe crap because they have no idea who these other bands are. They need to step out of the mainstream and see how amazing this stuff is. Green Day writes their music because they want to be famous, these guys want to express their feelings.

The Ramones were punks before the word "punk" was used to describe a style of music. The term "Punk" as a musical description was used to describe what The Ramones were doing. They created the formula that every other band on this list follows. No one is more punk than The Ramones.

Simple, punk, old fashioned = good band. Cannot say they have a song I don't like. And if you never heard about The Ramones I can say you don't know what punk is. My opinion is that GD has no reason for being 1st in this top, I cannot say that they are so punk anymore)

Brutal, Simple, Fun! Dee Dee's writing is lyrical mastery! Tommy's drums hit like a sledge hammer! Oh Johnny, king of hammering the down stroke, and Joey's voice is so pure and edgy. No real effects. Just straight, in your face punk. They made surf music cool!

Green Day are one of my favorites but talking about PUNK, there can be no one else better than the punk-gods ie the Ramones. They invented punk guys. My brain is hanging upside down after watching this list.

This is one of the best Punk Rock bands period. Not only are they an undisputable when it comes to songs, but if someone tries to say they aren't it's probably one of those Green Day fans, who insists Billie Joe is the greatest singer ever and that Tre Cool is the best punk rock band drummer ever. Let us get back to the roots of punk and maybe we might be able to ressurect a long forgotten genre only explored by few now.

Please answer my question: why in the world is Green Day no punk?! Punk rock then alternative rock then pop punk. This is Green Day's genre. Punk rock has changed, guys.

They are considered the kings of punk as they were the first punk group... There songs all just sound awesome and bands like Blink-182 and Green Day sound much too try-hard and do not stand for what punk was all about. My Chemical Romance punk?

The Ramones were a classic! The Misfits are good too, but they are horror punk. Metallica was a big fan of the Misfits, and I bet they still are. But, the Ramones in my opinion were the best classic punk rock band in history. (My second choice would be the Misfits! )

It's simple: The Ramones created punk. The Sex Pistols personified punk. And the Clash expanded and redefined the limits of punk. Blink and Green Day are poser punk, the only 2 bands that could possibly beat the Ramones and they are the clash or the pistols.

Should be WAY higher than Green Day. Green Day is okay, but Billie Joe Armstrong is no Joey Ramone! The Ramones were the first punk band to exist! They should be at #1. Way better than Green Day