Rise Against

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Rise Against is an American hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band's current line-up comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. They are known for popularizing punk.


I've heard from them first, when a girl from my class recommended them to me... She sounded pretty conceivable, so I decided to listen to them. I was impressed by every song of them... Now rise against is my favourite band and I'm going to hurricane festival in June to see them.
By the way, the girl I've mentioned is my girlfriend now D - Flomania69

Rise Against... AMAZING! GENIUS! Every SINGLE song is AMAZING! I love them so much! Best band ever! They are all vegetarians and straight edge and smart and funny and care about our world. I love them so much each and every one of them. Tim Mcilrath... definitely by far the greatest voice in music history and he is really frieking hot!. Zach Blair... amazing riffs on guitar by this man. He is HILARIOUS never stop laughing at him Joe Principe... Best bassist ever! He is also really frieken hot hahah! Brandon Barnes... My role model in being chill and keeping it cool. he is so... caveman! hahah you only get that if you have seen Generation Lost like me except I've seen it 114 times along with Another Station: Another Mile. By far best band ever. My favorite for about 5 years now.

One of the only punk bands even listed, Green Day is nothing now, Blink never was punk, just poppy teen "punk", My Chemical Romance, I don't even know why it's included, this list was made by someone with no knowledge of punk rock, hell, Bad Religion isn't even in the top 10, and they set the standard for punk post-1980! In all honesty Bad Religion should have the #1 spot, Blink and My Chemical Romance have no place on the list at all. I selected RA because they are more likely to receive attention so maybe some people with knowledge of the true punk can set the list straight. No true punk rocker would list 3/4 of these bands, The Descendents, Black Flag, RATM, Social Distortion, The Misfits, and countless others are disgustingly low, this list has no grounding whatsoever, it doesn't distinguish between manufactured punk and the real deal.

Rise Against's early work is a powerful mixture of hardcore and punk, they've drifted toward melodic hardcore but their message remains the ...more

To all the people who say that their 'Band' is the best can piss off. This is a punk rock survey. I can respect those who like the ramones and the Clash and that; they invented this stuff. But in the music world it's generally out with the old and in with the awesome. Green Day, Simple plan, they arent punk. Their just groups of guys who make music, don't know what to call it, and label it punk. The Only reason Rise Against isn't number one is because no one really knows about them. Green Day is the most Overrated band in history.

, how can people say Green Day is better than rise against?! Green Days instruments are just, too soft, all their song sound the same, their not, in my opinion, true punk rock. They are the most overrated band ever. Rise against however, are awesome. They got fast drumming all through songs, scream sections, and most importantly, their songs and lyrics really speak to me.

Rise Against has been my favorite band since I was eight years old. I have a deep passion for punk and Green Day simply isn't punk anymore. While many love the overwhelming political statements that Green Day projects in its songs, I don't want to be listening to something that is going to make me mad. Green Day is almost like Anti-Flag with ridiculous, Anarchist messages in their songs. I do understand The Ramones being in front of Rise Against because of the Ramones really being the first good punk, and blink-182 because they were the first pop punk. Sum-41 even being in the top ten is absurd. Bad Religion not being in the top ten is absurd. Class dismissed.

98% of their songs are just AWESOME. Their lyrics are amazingly poetic, as well as the crazy good vocals (and screaming) from Tim. Great songs in many of the sub-genres of rock. "Swing Life Away"- great acoustic song. "Audience of One"- Rock Ballad(ish) and an awesome one. "Tip the Scales"- GREAT guitar riff

The list goes on and on. I could listen to them for hours on end. - cowboyskid2

Best punk band in history. No one will ever beat them. All of their lyrics are meaningful and not just random crap that rhymes like NOFX or Green Day, No offense to those bands though as I love them both, it is just the fact that Rise Against doesn't have a bad song! Sure their sound has changed a little but it is still punk rock! They don't just try to release as many songs as possible unlike some of the bands on this list. They make sure their songs are quality before releasing them. They aren't only the best punk band ever, they are also the best band ever!

I have no problem with any of the bands on this list in fact I like all of them however, yes The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash did in fact start punk Rise Against embodies the heart and soul of it they bring up every issue which is ignored by mainstream media and some that is talked about too as punk is not " I won't be mainstream " it is " I will do what I like, listen to what I like and I will care about what I like " not anything else and they fight for everything they believe in whether they are supported or not, they are true punk.

Kudos to Rise Against to creating such masterful songs with great rhythms such as The good left undone, savior, injection, satellite, Re-education through labor, without compromising on lyrics and with songs like prayer of the refugee and hero of war they capture the punk spirit in order to "Rise Against" the cultural norm addressing some very serious topics. I really do like Rise Against but I would barely call myself a fan simply because I am interested in different genres of music oh yeah and they are much better than bands like blink-182 and Fall Out Boy. - Revrad

This is the weakest top list ive ever seen since when was nofx less punk than falloutboy!!!! has our youth lost there damn mind!!!! first of all rise against is no.1 they rock! agreeing with the above comments-tim is an amazing singer and half the bands on this poll are by far punk! in my oppinion
#1-Rise against

Rise Against is true hardworking Punk Rock band. For people who put down The Clash and The Ramones, I respect that. But Rise Against songs are classic, one of a kind, Punk gospel. Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boys are like Britney Spears, popish posers that wanted to get some cash.

These guys leave me breathless while listening to them and I'm searching best punk bands and they are averaging around the thirties (out of 100) and I think that they are great, but endgame sorta went out with a whimper, I'm sorry to say. Their heartfelt lyrics touch all's hearts and have persuaded people not to commit suicide. Rise Against forever! I'm also not saying that they're not the best band ever, just my personal favorite. I'm listening to them right now!

Rise Against should be number one.
They are by far the greatest punk rock band out there to date.
Their lyrics have meaning and Tim's voice carries this message in a brilliant manner that can bring chills down my neck. I can't think of any band that has made me feel that I can make a change and fight for a better world. Rise Against is changing the world with their music for the better.

There's no punk band I have ever liked more than Rise Against. I dare all of you to name a song by them that doesn't have an inspiring meaning sang through poetic brilliance. Every single song tells a story, or shows us why we should Appeal to Reason. I can't believe Green Day is at the top. Are these teenagers voting because that is all they have heard? Hopefully not, or my peeps should be shamed. I wish people would listen closer to the lyrics of songs these days, maybe their eyes will be opened to the truths they tried to defy.

Agreed that Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte aren't Punk Rock or if they are they still fail in comparison to Rise Against. With 4 CDs totalling I believe 54-60 songs and a few amazing covers by artists like Sick of It All, and Journey...they just can't be stopped. True Punk Rock starts here. Rock on Rise Against

These guys are under-appreciated. They're not only amazing musicians but they know what they're talking about when it comes to protest music. The lyrics mean more than just wanting to throw down the government.

Rise Against used to be a "screw the system" type of band. The band soon realized they needed to grow up, both in their music, and their sound. Young teens have little understanding of the world, but older teens start to see the world isn't fun and games. When R. A saw this they changed from "screw this system" to "hey guys we need to fix this crap"

Don't get me, wrong Green Day is awesome, but, Rise takes it that much further with their lyrics. They have a lot more to them in terms of content. I'm talking metaphors and expressions and the likes. And their song themes tend to relate to a broader audience and affect more people. They also tend to be a bit more politically oriented at times. What I mean is, there's something for everyone in here.

Rise Against is so AWESOME! They touring the most time thought the whole world to bring their message to everybody! They have a strong bond to their fans too! After a concert they have ever time to talk a bit with them. So please VOTE FOR RISE AGAINST!

Rise Against is in my opinion the most unique band, not only because of their great music and their meaningful lyrics, but the fact that almost every song they sing has it's own unique story to tell, and they make music not only to listen to and enjoy, but to send out a message of the truth about the world and the problems we are facing. Definitely the best punk rock band out there, no question.

Rise Against are THE best punk rock band ever. Tim is one of the only artists that can scream and sing at the same time. It's a true gift he has. And Rise Against are one of the only bands on the list that stand for anything. They are true heroes of our time.

Green Day is good but there's a fine line between Green Day and Rise Against which makes the latter better in my eye. First of all, the lyrics of RA are just too good then comes Tim Mcilrath. God that guys awesome! Also comes the fact that RA hasn't had a bad song is great too. They changed their musical style but their trademark sound is still intact and I think that's what separates them from others.

In my opinion, rise against should be number 1.
There lyrics are some of the best of all time and they have an astonishing amount of rock defining hits!
I don't think any other band in history has as many pure melodic and lyrical genius songs as rise against!
If you really think about it, rise against has released 7 albums, roughly 130 songs, and about 50 of those songs are absolute genius in every way! And the rest are still pretty good! That ratio is phenomenal!
In my opinion rise against should go down in history for being the greatest punk/rock band of all time!

Blink 182... Are about as much of a punk band as a pink sock with flowers on it. Rise against have passion, amazing band members and some of the greatest lyrics you will ever hear. Please, don't let those untalented posers get their way. VOTE RISE AGAINST!