Top 10 "Punk Goes..." Albums That Should Be Made

You've likely heard of Punk Goes Pop. Fearless Records has released other albums such as "Punk Goes Metal" and "Punk Goes Acoustic". Here are some other ideas for "Punk Goes..." albums.

The Top Ten

1 Punk Goes Disney

Some people have done this on YouTube but it would be cool if there was an official album of this. - TwitchandVinegar

2 Punk Goes Anime

This could turn out really awesome! - TwitchandVinegar

3 Punk Goes My Little Pony
4 Punk Goes Dubstep


5 Punk Goes Funk

Isn't that the red hot chili peppers? - RecklessGreed

6 Punk Goes Jazz
7 Punk Goes Disco
8 Punk Goes Punk

if only - RecklessGreed

Back in 1977. I wish!

Lmao what

9 Punk Goes 2000s
10 Punk Goes Animated

Covers of cartoon songs (other than Disney and MLP) - TwitchandVinegar

The Contenders

11 Punk Goes Rap

Already done. Ice-T song Cop killer is an example.

12 Punk Goes Electronic
13 Punk Goes Metal
14 Punk Goes Death Metal
15 Punk Goes Black Metal
16 Punk Goes Country
17 Punk Goes Proto - Punk
18 Punk Goes Easy - Listen
19 Punk Goes Poseur
20 Punk Goes Nowhere
21 Punk Goes Classic
22 Punk Goes a Cappella

I would like to see this. just punk vocals, no instruments Post - RecklessGreed

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