Top 10 Punk Music Questions to Ask Users of TheTopTens

There's already been one for Rock, Metal, Pop and Rap so why not Punk?

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1 Rancid or Bad Religion?

Rancid. There's huge ska element in their music. - Britgirl

Bad Religion. - BoredJeff02

Rancid - JCHOW

2 Your Thoughts and Opinions on Punk Music in General?

Great genre, my favorite, skate punk, punk rock, pop punk, all great. This genre has really good guitar riffs and bass playing. It is fast and upbeat most of the time, which is why I like it. Fast and upbeat is my type. I have many songs I like from this genre, and this is a genre that is still good, even today in an awful period for pop music. I wish punk was mainstream, modern punk is still better than modern pop, so yeah. I like older punk too. - AnimeDrawer

It's a pretty good fast genre that has evolved over the years. - BoredJeff02

I like punk rock's guitar riffs. Especially Johnny Ramone's barre chords. - zxm

M3H. Not excEllent... - AlphaQ

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3 Jimmy Eat World or Weezer?

Hmm... I'd probably go with Weezer. - BoredJeff02

Niether are punk, they're more alternative, but I would go with Jimmy Eat World especially their works on future and everything before that. - izaguf

Weezer - JCHOW

4 The Offspring or Sum 41?

Sum 41, I don't really like The Offspring, but it is an okay band though. But Sum 41 is much better, I used to confuse them with Blink 182 because they are similar, but some of their playing is different. definitely one of the best Canadian bands. - AnimeDrawer

The Offspring. - BoredJeff02

Offspring - JCHOW

5 The Ramones or the Sex Pistols?

The sex pistols further established punk ideology, while the Ramones just helped punk become more popular. However the Ramones where more talented. - izaguf

Ramones - JCHOW

The Ramones - zxm

Sex Pistol was influential. But in which way? for using swear words in their songs. Where ramones were more influential for their music. And Ramones didn't use that much swearing in their songs. In fact I doubt there are any song of their's which contain swearing.
And Sex Pistols only released in studio album. Where ramones did more. So Ramones are better. (historically). - zxm

6 Least Favorite Punk Album?

Ocean Avenue- Yellowcard. - BoredJeff02

American Idiot by Green Day - Gruunge

7 Least Favorite Punk Artist or Band?

Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Good Charlotte. They kinda suck and are too pop to be punk, and their songs are kinda annoying and boring. - AnimeDrawer

In my opinion Good Charlotte's a terrible punk band. - BoredJeff02

Bowling for Soup - JCHOW

8 Favorite Punk Album?

For Me I'd probably either say Dookie by Green Day. - BoredJeff02

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink 182 is my favorite album in punk. - AnimeDrawer

American Idiot - Green Day (pop-punk). - zxm

Generator- bad religion - izaguf

9 Your Favorite Punk Artist or Band?

There's an amazingly underrated band called Victim's Family that's punk, but after that I'd go with Operation Ivy - Gruunge

Thomas Matthew DeLonge is the best punk singer and Green Day and Blink 182 are my favorite bands. - AnimeDrawer

Eh for me it's Green Day/ Billie Joe Armstrong. - BoredJeff02

The misfits - izaguf

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10 Blink 182 or Green Day?

Both great bands, however, I chose Blink 182 because I like how they play better, Green Day has good playing, but Blink 182 has a more upbeat, louder type of playing which I like. Travis is just simply one of the best drummers that makes songs catchy, Tom DeLonge has an amazing voice and his guitar riffs are loud and unlike any other, and Mark is a good singer with great bass skills, he is self taught which is cool. Billie and Mark and Tom are all equally good singers, but I pick Travis over Tre Cool in drumming and Tom over Billie in guitar playing. - AnimeDrawer

Both are iconic pop-punk bands but Green Day. - BoredJeff02

Green Day. - zxm

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11 Tyson Ritter or Billie Joe Armstrong?

This is for Punk vocalists and I'm going to have to go with Tyson Ritter. - BoredJeff02

They are both good, but I pick Billie Joe Armstrong. - AnimeDrawer

Tyson Ritter. Can hit better notes than Billie. - zxm

12 Mike Dirnt or Dee Dee Ramone

Who's better bassist? I'll go with Dee Dee Ramone. - zxm

Mike Dirnt, but both of them are good. - AnimeDrawer

Mike Dirt. - BoredJeff02

Dee Dee - JCHOW

13 What Band Got You Into Punk?

Dead Kennedys. - Gruunge

14 When I Come Around or All The Small Things?

All The Small Things, it is a more fun song. - AnimeDrawer

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15 Pop Punk or Punk Rock?

Both are sub genres of Punk but Punk Rock. - BoredJeff02

Both are great, honestly, I don't know which one to choose. - AnimeDrawer

Punk rock, but I have more pop punk songs than punk rock. so I listen more pop punk. - zxm

16 Plain White T's or All Time Low?

I don't listen to either lol - Gruunge

17 Travis Barker or Tré Cool?

Travis Barker, he had to learn all the Blink 182 songs in a very low amount of time when he joined. It would be literally impossible for me to do that. Travis sure has talent. - AnimeDrawer

Tre Cool. - BoredJeff02

Who's better drummer. I'll go with travis barker. he's faster. has better skills. - zxm

18 Best Punk Musician?

Johnny Ramone! - zxm


19 Smash Mouth or Blink 182?

Both, I like Smash Mouth's All Star, thanks to Shrek, I know that awesome song. But I pick Blink 182 because I like more of their songs and they have more music. - AnimeDrawer

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20 The All-American Rejects or Simple Plan?

The All-American Rejects, I like their song Dirty Little Secret, the intro of that song sounds like a skate boarding song, which I like. - AnimeDrawer

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