Punk Songs With the Best Lyrics

To be honest most people don't pay attention to the lyrics in punk songs. This is a list showing my top ten songs when considering how the lyrics and beat flow.

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1 Holiday - Green Day

The best analogies, metaphors, and symbolism, all while pertaining to the plotline of the rock opera *and* the modern age. No small feat.

I'm wondering how many number ones Green Day have in this web site and how many songs and albums are up to the top 10 love Green Day!

A war protest in it's finest form.

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2 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

its about his dad dying thats pretty deep

This song is not even remotely punk rock - SmileyStudios

3 American Idiot - Green Day V 1 Comment
4 Savior - Rise Against

Not really the best lyrically song by RA in my opinion although it is better lyrically than Holiday by GD, I guess this is just a popularity competition other then a best punk lyrics list, but lets be real isn't it though?

This song is real punk rock. Nirvana? RHCP? Weezer? They aren't punk! However, this song is so great; Rise Against is the best punk band ever? - rock2metal

Rise Against is the best band in the world, Green Day can't even be compared to these guys. This is probably rise against's best song so the best song of the best band = win.

5 Say It Ain't So - Weezer

Since when would Weezer be considered punk?!

6 Dammit - Blink-182
7 Adam's Song - Blink 182
8 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

For a song to be 9:08 minutes long and still be as interesting deserves the number 1 spot. - georgielikesgreenday

Love all there song. But for me this is their most complete offering to date. Fantastic song from the start to the end.

Green Day has the best punk lyrics - mr_crossover27

The most complete song I have ever heard from GD. it has everything!

9 Under the Bridge - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I know its iffy but the red hot chili peppers in my mind are punk it takes guts to confess to a heroine addiction

Awesome song will go down as one of the greats!

Great lyrics, but not punk!

Love the Chilis but this is a punk list

10 The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring

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11 Dumb - Nirvana

The lyrics in this song are vague yet easy to relate to. And yes, Nirvana is punk.

Nirvana isn't punk per se but these lyrics are good. You kind of listen to it and you're like... What? But then you kind of see the hidem meaning in it as you listen more

12 Kotov Syndrome - Rise Against

yes I know rise against number 2 but Tim McIlrath lyrics are fantastic

13 Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys

THIS is real punk... not Green Day or Fall Out Boy. This are tru punk lyrics

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14 Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - Rise Against

This song is simply incredible. The lyrics are beautifully written, and can relate to anyone. - RiseAgainstSOT

15 Search And Destroy - The Stooges

Lets at least get The Stooges past Billy Idol... Please!

Dead Kennedys and this are the only two legitimate songs on this list of punk lyrics.
And this one isn't even punk, Stooges are the grandfathers of punk. '90s pop punk or just wearing eyeliner is not punk. Where are the Ramones? Where's Sex Pistols? Bikini Kill? Sonic Youth? Replacements? Black Flag? Ugh my soul hurts.

16 Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

Simply the pinnacle of punk lyrics. "Dance, dance we're falling apart to half time..."

17 Expensive Being Poor - TV Smith

Unfortunately, the sample here is the worst version possible - listen to "Useless" for better understanding and, ideally, see him live!

18 Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
19 I Delete - TV Smith

"The only way to make my life complete - I DELETE. I saw the CCTV footage, but I swear I wasn't there. You can catch me red-handed, I'll swear it isn't fair and even when the proof has been produced, still I won't believe that it is true. I DELETE"

20 Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol

good wordplay one of his more poppy songs

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