Top Ten Punk Songs that Have Skate, Skateboard, Surf, or Surfing in the Title or Mentioned in the Song

The Top Ten

1 Doug Rides a Skateboard - Descendents
2 Wasted - Black Flag

"I was a surfer
I had a skateboard
I was so heavy man, I lived in a strand" - THC13

3 No Friends - Adolescents

"Sang for The Slashers you told Hermosa Beach
So you use to be a surfer in Huntington Beach
You're a liar and you follow all trends
Get out of here a****le, you've got no friends" - THC13

4 Skate Babylon - Adolescents
5 Beach Blanket Bongout - JFA

Surf punks we’re not.
Skateboards WE DO!

6 Terrorize - Gang Green

"Hit them with your skateboards
Watch the bundles fly
We love every minute of it
And that's no lie" - THC13

7 Surfs Up A**hole - Guttermouth
8 Skate & Destroy - The Faction
9 Skateboard - JFA
10 Skate to Hell - Gang Green

The Contenders

11 Possessed to Skate - Suicidal Tendencies
12 Fugitive Surfer - Smut Peddlers
13 Tonyage - Descendents

"You were all surfers last year"

"I'm a new waver
My girlfriend's a surfer"

14 Skateboards to Hell - The Weirdos
15 Locals Only - Agression
16 (I Hate) Surfin’ in H.B. - D.I.
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